Action Button Example Use Cases

The recent Q3 2021 release of Sugar SellSugar Serve, and Sugar Enterprise, as always, introduced plenty of exciting new features to enhance the Sugar experience. One such feature, Action Buttons, can be added to records to enable users to perform quick actions directly from records such as sending an email, creating or editing a related record, and opening an external web page. Action Buttons are implemented as a field type in Studio and are easily extended using Sugar Logic and SugarBPM. This functionality used to require code-level customizations and could not be achieved through Studio, until now!

Now that admins have access to build these buttons quickly and easily, it may help to have some suggestions on what to build! That is why the Administration Guides contain example use cases on how to build these buttons, including: 

Check out these examples and try them out yourself! 

Finally, if you already had this functionality, you may have been building them with wTools Custom Buttons, which was the basis of Action Buttons. If you'd like to know more about the differences between the two please review Understanding Action Buttons vs wTools Custom Buttons

We hope you enjoy this new tool!

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