Filtering Attachment Notes in SugarBPM

With the recent Q1 2021 Sugar release, there are a lot of new features to be excited about. Last week, shared an update about the Notes module now accepting multiple attachments. This week, SugarBPM users can learn more about how these affect process definitions:

A highlight of the Sugar 10.3 release for many users is the ability to attach multiple files to a note. Since attachments are stored as notes themselves, it’s often a good idea for admins to filter out these attachment note records when designing SugarBPM process definitions. You can use the new system-level "Is Attachment" field on notes to filter these notes out and reduce the number of inadvertent processes that are triggered!

To learn more about this release, check out the announcements in the SellServe, and Enterprise & Professional groups here in SugarClub!

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