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  • Upsert as explained by "Upsert"

    Let’s talk about Upsert - not to be confused with our company of the same name. Upsert API endpoints are an incredible time saver. Have your integrations become cumbersome? Much like that 90’s band…
    • 9 Nov 2020
  • Sprint Week 2020 Recap!

    Last week (9.28.2020 - 10.2.2020) members of the Product and Engineering teams set aside time to participate in SugarCRM's annual internal hack-a-thon called "Sprint Week". This year was a bit different…
    • 7 Oct 2020
  • API Authentication Primer

    Even though nearly all modern API authentication specifications can be categorized into a few different types, every single one of them has nuances. Even authentication standards, like OAuth 2.0, have…
    • 30 Sep 2020
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