• Modify the label that appears above a Relate field's search box

    Using SugarCRM 10.2 (Sugar Serve - cloud only)

    Is there any way to modify the label highlighted in yellow in the below screenshot?

  • How to Disable Accounts Requirement on Opportunities Using sugar Cloud

    Hello -  

    New to Sugar Dev -  Requested to remove requirement for Account on Opportunities;   not sure where to look at or update code to disable account requirement on opportunities.  Any help greatly appreciated!

  • How to get Scheduler details while a Job running?

    I have a custom scheduler and for which I have a created a scheduler job. I want to read the fields like Job URL, Status, Interval, etc from Job record in the custom scheduler code as I need to manipulate one of these field while the job is running…

  • Partners access to Sugar cloud instances

    Hi Everyone,

    On that page it is stated:

    • Partners also get access to Sugar cloud instances that they can use to quickly get started. See the Partner Portal for more information about accessing the Sugar cloud.


    How does a partner gain access…

  • Calendar Picker renders dropdown on TOP of the actual calendar

    This is happening for ONE user, on ONE computer, on Google Chrome.

    When they go to fill in a date field they get a dropdown of seemingly random dates, and after scrolling slightly the dropdown stays in the same location on the screen and the calendar…

  • Sugar Q1 2021 (10.3) for SugarCloud is Live

    SugarCRM is excited to announce the release of Sugar Q1 2021 for all Sugar Enterprise and Professional customers hosted on the SugarCloud. This release includes the following feature updates for customers leveraging the SugarCloud platform:

    • Sugar Ultimate…
  • Report Filters - Dates prior to Current Month

    I want a report that includes dates prior to the current month for a dashboard - So it needs to be automated (ie cant manually enter the date in)
    I cant see how this can be achieved.
    The best I can do is the Last # of Days (and put in a suitably large #…

  • Boost Team Collaboration with Sugar Activity Stream

    Get laser-focused context 

    Tired of relying on back and forth email that gets lost in an ever-growing inbox of priorities? Or need to reference actual customer data to make decisions across your team? 

    Sugar's activity stream allows users to view a list…

  • SugarCRM Decimal Field

    Hi All,

    I have created the decimal type field using vardef where the length is 18 and precision is 15 which is also same in MySQL but when i try to update the field value up to 15 decimal like 34.1234567899876489, it is storing as rounded value up to…

  • Change DropDown list dynamically in Dropdown Field When we have parent Dropdown selected.


    What i am trying to achive is that i have a dropdown field named subtype which is dependent on parent dropdown type_2 (Dropdown field name).

    I am trying to setup subtype dropdown list dynamically using dependency. But i am getting an issue, when…