• On click of custom button , how can I call API ?

    Query : I have an API in Acconts/clients/base/api/mycustomAPI.php. On click of the button (custom button created) , it should call that API. 

    Sugar CRM version used : 10.3 

    API  url :

    My Code: (record.js)


  • API filter by phone number

    Hi Community there,

    Could anyone please help, many thanks!

    I want to user  field  'phone_mobile' to filter all related user via calling endpoint:   XXXX/Contacts/filter

    I can get some records by setting pload in the request:

    pload = {
  • How to filter a field of module B in the list view of module A


    I have two modules "A" and "B". There exists a relation (one-to-many) between theses two modules. One module A may have many module B's.
    I have a field "status" in Module B. It is an enum field with following options ('Open…

  • Custom scheduler with parameters

    Note: Please do not suggest third party tools for this, I am not interested in purchasing any.

    I am a Sugar customer with an On-Site 10.x Sugar Pro license.

    I have a custom Scheduled Job for which the parameters change year after year.

    Though I know how…

  • Reassigning accounts (and associated records like contacts/opportunities)

    Hi all,

    I need to shift a whole bunch of account records from one user to another which is straight forward enough by creating filters then bulk editing the 'assigned to' field. However, this ignores the contacts and opportunities associated with that…

  • Custom Visibility Code

    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know if it's possible to have custom visibility code that will show a module results in the sub panels under a record but not allow the user to open that result or view the result in a report unless that have access to the team…

  • $bean->stored_fetched_row_c, logic hooks and relate fields

    Im trying to detect a change in a relationship through a logic hook but I cant seem to get the old value to compare it to the new.

    I have a serial number module which has a relationship to accounts

    Accounts -> one-to-many -> S_SerialNumber

    this is…

  • sugar logic function: strReplace()

    Hello there,

    anybody please help with the strReplace?

    I want to replace two characters inside a word: " " and "-" via Studio-->module--->fields---->edit formula(using logic function).

    But when I write:  strReplace([" ","-"…

  • Logic Hooks Not Working

    Logic Hooks are not working. I followed the documents provided by Sugar. Even logs are not generated. 

    Please provide code and specify location where files should be added.

    Used below location:


  • How to add status field on module based on some condition?

    I have use case where when I click on 'Activate' button ,an API is trigerred which will show an alert boc saying "Account is activated". 

    Now , I want to add one field like below screen which will refelct the status of accounts. <<Ignore…