• Replace "Create" button in listview header with custom create buttons


    We are trying to replace the Create button in the Accounts listview header with three buttons corresponding to three type of accounts.

    The aim is for these buttons to each behave like a Create button, but to also prepopulate a dropdown value in the…

  • Getting Started Developing for SugarCloud

    I'm trying to add an extra button into a listview header that will prepopulate a value in a dropdown list.

    I understand I need to extend the list-headerpane folder for the module, and add the button in list-headerpane.php by extending it to custom…

  • SetPanelVisibility Dependency action prevents users editing field when creating new record

    I've created a dependency definition to hide panels as per: https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Guide_10.2/Architecture/Sugar_Logic/Dependency_Actions/SetPanelVisibility/

    When this is deployed the trigger field…

  • "Date modified" by a human (i.e. user)?

    Hi y'all.

    Ok, so I have this process in our instance that counts the days the opportunity is in each sales stage:

    Working fine and dandy. However, the Opportunity record is updated every day by the Sugar Admin user in order to add 1 day to the appropriate…

  • Refreshing subpanel from record.js shows no data on collapsed subpanel as well

       I am working on customization, in which i have to refresh the subpanel on record view.

    I am doing this to refresh the subpanel on record update.

    initialize: function (options) {
    this.model.on('data:sync:complete', this.refreshHistorySu…
  • Sprint Week 2020 Recap!

    Last week (9.28.2020 - 10.2.2020) members of the Product and Engineering teams set aside time to participate in SugarCRM's annual internal hack-a-thon called "Sprint Week". This year was a bit different than past Sprint Weeks in that we were ALL remote…

  • Where does Sugar store customer files?


    Where does Sugar store customer files? Can they access them if their network goes down? Are they accessible through the customer database?

    Best regards,


  • Link to filtered view of list

    I'm trying to create Module Action Links in the Meganav that link to different filtered views of the same module.

    I've created some custom filters on the Accounts list view, and I've figured out how to add custom Module Actions Link buttons.…

  • Customize your CRM and boost its adoption with ShapeMySugar

    Today, one of the main causes of failure for a CRM project is low adoption. In fact, sometimes, despite the availability of a high-performance tool, some employees do not use it because they do not see any interest in it, because the solution seems too…

  • Delete multiple data


    Can anyone suggest me a solution about how do i delete multiple data using sugarcrm API?


    I have a user who have multiple licenses, I want to delete all his licenses at a time on the basis of its user id

    How do I do that?