• How To Store The Date of A Field Change?

    I would like to store the date when the RLI Sales Stage changes. I've tried various techniques including Custom Calculated Fields and SugarBPM, but I can't quite find the right method to accomplish this. I've looked at several solutions, but can't seem…

  • Contacts many_to_many relationship with Users - how to use?

    If you navigate to Admin -> Studio -> Contacts -> Relationships, you will see that Contacts has a many-to-many relationship with Users. 

    I cannot access a contact's users via the API. I've tried `Contacts/:id/link/users`, `Contacts/…

  • View records only in same team

    Hello friends...

    I am tasked with our USA folk to only be able to view records within USA. 
    Currently all records are Global Team and all users are in Global Team.

    Beginning with Contacts module as this task relates to Personally Identifiable Informat…

  • BPM date fields

    If there was a meeting that had been scheduled and the date/ times has passed, and sales has not updated the meeting, can the status automatically update to CLOSED or something equivalent.

    I was trying to achieve this using BPM but I cannot use the criteria…

  • Script to update calculated fields

    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone share a script to update calculated fields for a particular module please?

    Thank you in advance

  • Creating a temporary filter for a list view programmatically

    We have a large number of clients (companies) who in turn have a large number of customers.  Our staff who make outgoing calls will have several different companies they call on behalf of, on any one day.  At the moment, we assign Lead records to each user…

  • Menu bar empty


    after an update we did on an instance ( using a simple mdl that installs a new module ) the top menu bar is completely empty. Could this been happening due to file permissions on the server? What files are used to build up the main menu? 

  • A SugarClub Exclusive Preview of Our User Conference ClubZone

    If you've seen the emails or posts inviting you to the first-ever virtual user conference, ClubZone, this September, you may be wondering what you have to look forward to. As a SugarClub member, we're excited to give you a sneak peek behind the curtains…

  • Adding Custom JS and CSS to Contacts Create page

    I'm a bit new to SugarCRM so I'm looking for some guidance in the right direction. I currently have a sandbox sugar cloud instance that I am attempting to load a custom module in.

    I am attempting to add an "address autocomplete" feature to…

  • populate_list - Relationship

    Hi all.

    I'm looking to simply use populate_list to pull a relationship from Leads into Opportunities. I've created what I thought was the correct simple file of:

    $dictionary["Lead"]["fields"]["opportunity"]['populate_list'] = [