• Question: How To Create A Sugar Logic Formula For AutoIncrement Field

    Hello, is there a way to be able to create a Sugar Logic Formula that includes the AutoIncrement field?

    Sample Setup:

    • Field #1:
      • Text Field
      • Value: Name
    • Field #2:
      • AutoIncrement Field
      • Value: 150
    • Field #3:
      • Text Field
      • Sugar Logic Formula Enabled
  • Error 500 during saving email settings

    We have a on premise environment that is running on SE Linux, PHP version 7.3.27 with mysql version 5.7.28. We upgraded the instance to the latest on premise version (10.0.4). All seems to be working as I would expect except one thing:

    For some reason…

  • interact with API using python

    Hi Everyone there,

    Could anybody help with below: I want to get, post and put from sugarCRM cloud API using python.

    I can make get Contacts work, but the filter just doesn't work...

    hdr = {
  • Download Form Data

    I am doing a Webinar Survey from Sugar Market.

    Is there a way to download the raw data of what contacts entered?

  • How to implement different workflow/process in a Bean

    I have created a generic bean with few columns and relationships. I want to extend this bean so that depending on certain values a different class is called and different process is performed?

    This is what I am trying to do. 

    - initial bean/module: contains…

  • Sugarquery - Dynamic Select Statement Failing

    Hi team.

    I am trying to build  a dynamic SugarQuery, the scenario is that I have an array of "fields" I want to use to create a dynamic select statement. For simplicity the $selectGenerator array below contains name and id.

    $sugarQuery = new…

  • how to define relate field lookup value working in the modules

    I took the following sample off Cases module and tried to apply same pattern but it is not working for me

    'site_mxxn' => array(
    'name' => 'site_mxxn',
    'rname' => 'name',
    'id_name' => 'site_id',…

  • Populate Cases Module dropdown with API call

    Dear All,

    I am a developer totally new to sugar crm, so apologies if this doesn't make sense.

    I have a cases module with dropdown fields added to a panel. I want to fill these fields by reading from an external rest api get endpoint during data entry…

  • Related Process Definition triggered Emails to the record

    Hoping to be pointed in the right direction...

    Sugar Enterprise v10.3

    We now send out a lot of auto emails [process email templates] triggered from many different process definitions.

    What is the best practice method to get these emails linked to the record…

  • add company name to Contacts results when adding a new relationship o type One to Many.

    When adding a relationship between Module X and Contacts we see only Fullname, in several cases multiple contacts share the same name.

    I would like to customize these results that it would show also a custom field next to the fullname.

    I have modified…