• Exploit for SugarCRM Shell Upload

    Hi All.

    can any one help me understanding this RCE exploit and what versions are affected and any 


    is there any way we can fix this or any security patch can anyone…

  • Best Way To Upgrade SugarCRM 9.1 To Latest Version

    Dear Teams,

    Best Way To Upgrade SugarCRM 9.1 To Latest Version please suggest Me.


  • Dashlet Row and Column Report?

    Is there a way to add a Dashlet that displays a Row & Column Report? Or add a List View Dashlet that utilizes 2 or more modules?

    know you can add a Saved Reports Chart Dashlet, but we want to see the actual data listed as rows. I also know you can…

  • Reports Module - can we limit by role which modules they can report on?

  • Options for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Add-on for SugarCRM (On-Prem)

    We're looking into which CTI add-ons are available and recommended for an on-premise Sugar instance for a prospect client.
    So far we have 2 options, both of which are still on POC with issues supplied:

    1) Yeastar's S-Series VoIP PBX via TechExtension…

  • Reporting on Comment Log


    Is it possible to  report on Comment Log through Advances reports? 



  • Get field label in PHP


    In a custom component I need to display a field label. According to the documentation I can use the "translate" function.

  • report on multiple contacts

    Hi.  We'd like to run a report to show Accounts with multiple Contacts (and exclude ones with a single Contact).  If someone could point me in the right direction to set this up it'd be a great help.

    Many thanks


  • Sugar API - create contact, quote

    Hello, on one of my client's websites, we are using Zapier + SugarCRM (Zapier sends requests to Sugar in given situations). Now we want to get rid of the Zapier layer and send requests directly from the website to SugarCRM to create Contacts or Cases…

  • Cron Job not working on my vagrant phpes80es716 instance

    Hello Good Day!

    I installed my SugarCRM Enterprise 12.1 on fresh installed vagrant phpes80es716 instance. And I set-up the Sugar Schedulers by adding the Crontab Setup provided by sugar:

    I am wondering why the cron jobs is not working and tested it…