• Issues with Sugar 13.0 and PHP 8.2 in Vagrant

    Anyone else having issues getting Sugar 13.0 to work in a Vagrant using PHP 8.2? I keep getting " (Elasticsearch Queue Scheduler) failed in CRON run, Undefined constant "Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Elasticsearch\Adapter\CURLOPT_USERAGENT"" from the cron jobs…

  • Process definition

    Hi everyone,

    We have a problem with an easy process definition, however the option we need does not seem to be there when entering the criteria for the process trigger. The trigger has to be when the last modification date does not change in 1 month.…

  • Contact linked to multiple accounts - How do I see all of the accounts to which a contact is linked?

    I'm trying to find a way to list the Accounts to which a Contact is linked in a Sub-Panel of the  Contact Record .

    When linking a Contact to an Account, the Contact appears in the Accounts Sub-Panel for that Account, and the Account field in the Contact…

  • Taking a photo in mobile app

    Does anybody know if it is possilbe to take a photo using device camera and upload to Sugar CRM via the mobile app.


    Christopher Hart

  • 12.3 on local vagrant instance 500 error

    I am having issues getting a 12.3 fresh install or customer backup installed on the "sugarcrm/php80es716" box which should be compatible for 12.3.

    I'm on vagrant version 2.3.3

    virtualbox Version 7.0.4 r154605 (Qt5.15.2)

    This configuration…

  • I want to add button/option in action menu on record view


    I want to add a custom button/option in action menu on record view.

    E.g. On Accounts main view/list view, there should be a button in the action menu named as "summarize" and clicking on which It should only show the few fields from that record. like…

  • How to reduce the size of the File System

    We're in the On-Demand environment and the Sugar Insights shows our File system Size is 90% of the allocation and the Database size is 61% of the allocation.

    The Database size has been reduced in recent months because of our clean-up project (deleting…

  • Trigger a BPM-process to start by date field


    We have the need to create a BPM-process that should be triggered to start after the end date of a contract is passed. Do any of you have any examples on how this could be configured?

    Best regards, 

    Frida Yngve

  • Workflows are not Terminating

    Hello, I have a couple of workflows that I have been using for years. Both workflows have terminating criteria which worked until we upgraded to 13.0. Since we have done the upgrade, the workflows continue processing (sending out emails) until the end…

  • Do Json(Data type) shows on reports?

    I am trying to create "Users with License type" reports, however when i add license type field on the reports it gives me error- " LayoutManager: Class not found:SugarWidgetFieldjson" , Any suggestion/advice will helpful..