• 502 returned - Throttling issue

    I have a customer with a Microsoft tenant.

    We have written M365 Power Automate 'Flows' that fire when a contact in the Microsoft environment is updated or created.

    The Flows 

    1. Request and get a Sugar access token
    2. Checks for an existing record in…
  • Module's icon from subpanel

    Hello all,

    I want to ask if someone know's how to change the subpanel's icon with the two letters:

    In this case i renamed every possible label of the Tasks module but I still see the two initial letters of the previous module's italian translation…

  • URGENT! Group Mail IMAP Protocol

    We have been informed that Microsoft is Deprecating Basic authentication in Exchange Online which means IMAP will be blocked.

    Is there another way to connect a group mailbox using office 365? for inbound emails as IMAP seems to be only protocol we can…

  • What is the formula to multiply 1 fields value by another?

    I have two fields in the RLI that I need to multiple together into a separate field.

    I currently have Unit price £ and quantity, so I need to multiply the unit price by the quantity.

    e.g unit price is £5.00 x quantity of 4 = £20.00…

  • Can`t extend qli-group-edit-view

    I`m trying to extend the qli-group-edit-view from SDK by using the following custom code:

    import customization from 'APP/js/core/customization';
    import FilteredListView from 'VIEWS/quotes/qli-group-edit-view';

  • How to trigger copy function to display a drawer with the parent values on the drawer after save on sidecar ?

    What I am trying here is to replicate  copy function that run from the click on copy. is that possible ?

  • Metadata required fileds

    Hello there Slight smile

    So, I'm having the following issue:

    Repairing our customized installation of SugarCRM 11.0, I'm having several queries that returns errors.

    I'm trying to fix those fields, in order to be able to have a clean repair, without Oracle…

  • Showing inactive users in reports module

    Good afternoon,

    I have a question regarding the reports module in Sugar. My coworker would like to show results from an inactive user (the user is set to inactive as this employee no longer works for our company). However, her data did not get reassigned…

  • The renewal console is not available after an upgrade from Ent 11 to Ent 12


    we recently upgraded 2 of our customers (Enterprise On Premise) from Sugar 10 or 11 to Sugar 12.

    For both, everything works like a charm, except the renewal console that is not visible.


  • contacts duplicate check

    Hi. I'm trying to modify the duplicate check filter for Contacts module.

    I'm using the instructions at https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Guide_12.0/Architecture/Duplicate_Check/

    and have added the code below…