For API customization in SugarCRM

Dear All,

I want to customized Some input received in Sugar by  Default API . How can I customized if ? And Also share the path of default API in SugarCRM used.

For Example :-
I have share a case crate API with portal user and I received regularly in any fields 'NA' value , I want to validate in that fields, I did not want to received any 'NA' value. How can I handle this issue from API side. 

Thanks & Regards,
Suraj Kumar

  • Hello Suraj,

    In the Sidecar framework, we recommend performing field-level validation before sending an API request. For example, in the record view, you can use record field validation as shown in the following link:

    Adding Field Validation to the Record View

    If cases are being created in the Sugar Portal, this is what I would explore: adding validation before the Case creation request is sent. If you are generating the requests from another platform and it's not possible to add validation there, you could consider extending the API and creating a custom endpoint to use instead of the standard Create Case endpoint.

    This approach allows you to implement any necessary server-side logic or validation before creating the case. For more information on creating a custom endpoint, please refer to the following link:

    Extending Endpoints in SugarCRM

    I hope this helps.