Season 2 Episode 7: SugarClub Quarterly RetroPod

Show Notes:

In this episode, we recap the last quarter’s interesting finds in SugarClub. For the last quarter, there’s a ton to talk about. Our community has been busy typing, they are burning up the keyboards and posting new information for the rest of us. Check out the links below referenced in this episode.

Product Updates:

Sugar Serve Q1 2022 is Live

Sugar Sell Q1 2022 is Live

Engage News:

Introducing Equitable Managed Storage Allocations

Four EMEA Customers Who Let the Platform Do the Work

Training & Certification:

Creating and Using Sugar Reports

Live Classes Schedule

How to use the Customer Journey Plug-in

Sugar News:

Ukraine Conflict Crisis

New SugarOffitters Marketplace for Add-ons and Integrations

Now It’s Easier to Grow with SugarCRM: Launching Three Editions to Sugar Sell


No Blind Spots: Build the Ultimate Sales Forecast with CRM – April 26