Now It's Easier to Grow with SugarCRM: Launching Three Editions of Sugar Sell

We have fantastic news—SugarCRM has revamped our sales force automation (SFA) offerings to make it easier for existing customers like you to see the full value of their solutions. The new offerings are a testament to our commitment to let the platform do the work—and accelerate your business growth. Below you'll find the three new editions of Sugar Sell, our powerful cloud-based CRM.   


What's the Value of the Three New Sell Editions?   

Through these three new editions, we're simplifying our CRM offering and helping existing Sugar customers like you:  

  • Get more for less: Your organization will now get additional capabilities without any other additional costs or new add-ons.  
  • Grow as you go: As your organization grows, so can your CRM. You can easily upgrade from one Sell edition to the next if you need to benefit from more advanced capabilities.  
  • Simpler choices: It's now more straightforward to know which edition you need from the get-go and what you're getting when you upgrade.    

What's the Difference Between the Three New Sell Editions?  

Sell Premier  

Sell Premier is SugarCRM's flagship cloud-based CRM solution, offering comprehensive SFA capabilities for complex businesses with built-in AI and enhanced support.  

  • AI-powered resources for predictable forecasting and holistic insights  
  • Omni-channel internal communications for cross-departmental alignment and centralized data   
  • Process management capabilities for standardization of complex or large-scale sales methodologies and processes   
  • Enhanced Support  
  • Ten seat minimum  

Sell Advanced  

Sell Advanced provides enhanced SFA capabilities and generous extensibility with AI capabilities, add-ons, and standard support.   

  • Pre-packaged with select AI capabilities to support your reps' prioritization and provide powerful insights   
  • Easy customization and integration with various add-ons and third-party apps   
  • Built-in business process management capabilities reduce the time it takes your team to perform repetitive, complex tasks, allowing your sellers to focus on their customers 
  • Standard support  
  • Three seat minimum  

Sell Essentials  

Sell Essentials offers SFA for growing sales teams of up to five members with basic support and ease of upgrade.  

  • Contact, account, lead, and opportunity management help you maintain a 360-degree view, manage your pipeline and keep track of priority activities from start to finish  
  • Built-in business process management helps you standardize business processes and automate repetitive tasks  
  • An easy path to Sell Advanced to accelerate your business growth when additional features like third-party apps and add-ons are needed   
  • Basic support  
  • Three seat minimum, five seat maximum  

Want to Learn More?  

With the launch of our new Sell editions, we are moving away from focusing on the features and functions of CRM and moving towards solutions that meet your exact business needs.  

If you want to learn more about Sell Premier, Sell Advanced, and Sell Essentials, take a look at the comparison chart, or contact your partner or Sugar representative.   

Is Sell Premier for You?  

Sell Premier is a powerful, cloud-based CRM system that will empower your sales teams to drive revenue, increase efficiency, shorten the sales cycle, and deliver meaningful customer buying experiences. You may be wondering if Sell Premier makes sense for you and your sales team. To help you answer that, we invite you to ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Do you want faster and easier insights into changes in your forecasts and pipeline?  
  • Do you have sales processes you want your team to adopt and adhere to consistently?  
  • Do you want to reduce the time your sales or BDR teams spend searching for lead contact details?  
  • Do you want to make it easier for your sales teams to schedule meetings with customers or prospects?  
  • Do you want to automatically sync your Gmail or Outlook data (including meetings, conversations, and people) with your CRM?  
  • Do you want to enable your field sellers with an easier way to plan their visits with leads or customers in close proximity to each other?  

If you're using SugarCRM in the cloud answered yes to two or more of the questions above, we encourage you to talk with your Sugar or Partner representative about Sell Premier.  

If you're using SugarCRM on-premises and answered yes to two or more of the questions above, we encourage you to also talk with your Sugar or Partner representative. While some of the capabilities that address these questions are cloud-only, many of them are available on-premises.  

If you're using Sugar on-premises and answered yes to all of these questions or are interested in learning more about migrating to the cloud, our team of cloud migration experts stands ready to assist.   

We hope you're equally as excited by the new Sell Editions, making it easier for customers like you to accelerate growth and let the platform do the work.