Sugar Sell Q1 2022 is Live

SugarCRM is excited to announce the release of Sugar Sell Q1 2022.

Highlights of Sugar Sell Q1 2022 include the following feature updates:

  • Updated user interface: We have revamped Sugar with a more modern look and feel! The improvements include a sharp, new font and updates to UI elements in dashboards, dashlets, list views, record views, and dark mode. This release also includes updates to the look and feel of graphic charts for reports and dashlets, improving speed, animation, and color palettes.

Sell new UI

  • Re-designed Admin page: The Admin page's user interface has been refreshed to give it a clean style, new icons, and easier navigation. The Admin page also now includes a search box so that the admin links and the corresponding description can be located quickly and easily.

admin light admin dark mode

  • Dropdown-conditional record view layouts: Administrators can now define record view layouts that will change based on the value selected from a given dropdown field on the record. 

  • Forecasting at the opportunity level: New fields have been added to the Opportunities module to allow for forecasting at the Opportunity level. "Forecast" lets you cascade the Forecast value to the eligible revenue line item fields while creating or editing an opportunity. "Forecasted Likely" totals the value of revenue line items' Likely fields that have been included in the forecast.

  • Sugar Market interactions in the Timeline dashlet: Lead & customer interactions that happened through Sugar Market are integrated into the timeline dashlet, allowing users to be able to see the customers’ entire journey with their product and brand.

  • Lead Conversion Improvements:
    • Create revenue line items during lead conversion: Leads can now be converted faster by creating the entire opportunity from the Lead Conversion page. Multiple revenue line items can now be added when creating an opportunity during lead conversion compared to a previous limitation of one. 
    • View and add product catalog records: The Product Catalog and Product Catalog Quick Picks dashlets are now shown in the Convert Lead layout and can be used to add products to the Revenue Line Items subpanel. 
    • Improved lead-conversion handling with the Sugar Market integration: Sugar customers who are integrated with Sugar Market can set the "Lead Conversion Option" to "Move" in Sugar’s System Settings to move related Event, Landing Page, and Web Activity records to the converted contact record along with the lead’s related activity records. 

  • Send scheduled reports as CSV: As an alternative to PDF, you can now schedule a report to be sent as a CSV file - or as both a PDF and a CSV - by changing the File Type(s) field on the Report Schedules record view. 
  • Review the Sugar Sell Release Notes to learn more about all of the new features and enhancements in this release, as well as additional fixes to address issues in previous releases of Sugar

Customers will receive further communication regarding their automatic upgrades shortly per the SugarCloud Policy Guide - Upgrade Policy as this release represents the next step in the SugarCRM quarterly feature delivery model, providing accelerated delivery of new innovations for customers hosted on SugarCloud. Please visit the Supported Platforms page for a complete list of supported browsers. 

Additional Documentation & Release Notes

To learn more about this release, please review the following content: 

Sugar Q1 2022 Developer Resources

Our Developer Advocacy team has made available the following resources to assist developers with the changes associated with this release:

Any additional questions should be directed to the Dev Club in SugarClub or emailed to

To ensure you are up-to-date on the latest information about Sugar Sell, please join the Sugar Sell group in SugarClub, or the other product-specific groups in Explore for additional updates.

  • Thanks for a very nice update and great to see big UI improvements. One challenge with the new charts is that some with a lot of data now do not display well. Previously the "Allow Scrolling" option facilitated for this, but now it seems this option does not work. Have you noticed this and will this be fixed? A way around this would be potentially to limit the number of results shown. ie "only show top 10" etc.