Ukraine conflict crisis

It’s with a saddened heart that we witness the events in Ukraine unfold, as conflict takes hold following Russia’s invasion this week.


Although Sugar does not have a direct presence in Ukraine, we do have a number of Partners and contractors based in Kyiv & Lviv.  Our thoughts immediately turn to the safety and wellbeing of these partners, contractors, their employees, friends and family.  We sincerely hope our Partners & Contractors can navigate the uncertain times ahead and do not suffer through the trauma of conflict. 


There is also heightened concern for the numerous countries that border Ukraine.  We have friends, colleagues, customers, and business partners throughout the region.   We recognize the disruption and impact this conflict is likely to have on neighboring countries and we are intent on helping the wider Sugar Community as events unfold.


If required, Sugar is keen to extend help and support to affected customers if disrupted business continuity occurs with our Ukrainian partners.  Additionally, we appeal to our Sugar Community to show support and solidarity for our Sugar partners and their customers.  We are grateful to learn that some fellow Sugar Partners have already provided offers of assistance. 


In the meanwhile, join us in wishing for speedy and peaceful resolution to this international and humanitarian crisis.

  • Dear Chris and everyone Sugar Clubbers

    Thanks a lot for your and your people's support. We really appreciate your support and everything the UK, the USA, Poland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and many other countries do to support Ukraine in this hard time.

    We are fighting, and continuing of work is one of our weapons in this war. In this hard time, our team does all the best to provide the necessary support for our customers worldwide. Some of our employees are evacuated in safe regions. Most of our servers are hosted in EU datacenters and work as usual. We are earning money for our country and our army. In that way, we show that we are worth your trust and support.

    Thank you very much once more.

    Everything will be well, and we will win. We fight for our land and freedom, and we have the strong support of our friends worldwide.