Sugar Spring ’19 (9.0) for Sugar Cloud is Live

Sugar Spring '19 (9.0) has been released and is now available for all Sugar cloud customers. This release represents the next step in the SugarCRM quarterly feature delivery model, providing accelerated delivery of new innovations for our cloud customers, as well as greater predictability for Sugar updates for our on-site customers. 

SugarCRM’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, Zac Sprackett, showcases key features available in Sugar Spring ’19 and Sugar 9 in the video below.

Learn more about the release and what else is happening at SugarCRM by checking out the exciting fireside chat video between Zac and Chief Strategy Officer and SugarCRM Co-Founder, Clint Oram.

Spring '19 will significantly benefit customers running in the cloud environment with the following feature updates:

SugarBPM (Formerly Advanced Workflow) Updates

SugarBPM™ features are only available in Enterprise and Ultimate Edition

  • SugarBPM™

    • Enabling our customers to map out and enforce their business processes is a difference maker. Over the years, we’ve built an incredibly powerful BPM engine, and we’re taking it to a new level in Spring '19. Our workflow engine is jam-packed with so many new BPM features that we’ve rebranded it as SugarBPM, allowing us to recognize the truly awesome breadth and depth of these new capabilities.

BPM Overview

  • Enhanced Operators for "Listen" Events
    • Global process termination settings can now listen for changes to a field, including changes to or from a specified value. This allows administrators to, for example, restart timed events by terminating a running process and starting it over when a certain field changes.
BPM Listen Events
  • Tagging Support

    • The tags feature, already commonly used in other parts of Sugar, is now available on record views and list views for SugarBPM modules (i.e. Process Definitions, Process Business Rules, and Process Email Templates) allowing for better organization and quick navigation for administration and maintenance of business processes.

BPM Tagging

  • Import and Export Improvements
    • Process definitions with Gateway references to Business Rule actions will retain their business rule mappings when they are exported from Sugar Spring '19 (9.x) or higher and then imported to another instance running the same or higher version. In addition, any tags that are applied to SugarBPM module records will export and import as part of the .bpm package.
BPM Import & Export

Group Outbound Email Accounts

  • Shared Email Accounts

    • Whether for Sales or Customer Service, CRM is a team game. Teams that want to communicate with their customers through a single channel can now create and send email from shared email accounts.

    • Outgoing accounts created via the Emails module now include a Teams field, allowing users to share the outbound account with the right team or teams. Members of included teams will be able to send email from the new outgoing email account. By default, these accounts are assigned to the user's private team. Shared outgoing email accounts can be quickly and easily set up by one person, and then instantly accessible to teams.

Shared Email Accounts

Comment Log Updates

  • Collapsible Comment Log Entries

    • Comment Log entries are now expandable and collapsible. Admins can configure how many characters to display by default.

  • Comment Log Available on the Basic Template

    • The Comment Log field is now available to be added to the record view layout in custom modules built using the Basic template.

Comment Log Show More Button

Platform Improvements 

  • Significant Application Performance Improvements

    • One of the most important aspects of Sugar is overall performance. No matter how proficient users become at working in Sugar, they can only operate as quickly as the system allows them. We’ve made huge improvements this year in tuning Sugar so you can access the information you need in the moment you need it.
    • API performance has been optimized with measurements showing improvements in List View performance of up to 600% with large datasets.

Performance Improvement Graphs

This release also includes additional fixes to address issues in previous releases of Sugar, detailed in the Ultimate, Enterprise, and Professional Release Notes.

Customers hosted in the Sugar cloud environment will receive further communication regarding their automatic upgrades shortly per the Sugar Cloud Policy Guide - Upgrade Policy. Please visit the Supported Platforms page for a complete list of supported browsers and other platform information.

Sugar Spring '19 Developer Resources

Our Developer Advocacy team has made available the following resources to assist developers with the changes associated in this release:

  • The Developer sections of the Ultimate, Enterprise, and Professional Release Notes, including in-depth notes of changes that may affect developers when upgrading from Winter '19.
  • Any additional questions should be directed to the Dev Club Space in the community or emailed to

Additional Documentation & Release Notes

Please review our release notes for the new versions using the following links and the Knowledge Base article, "What to Expect When Upgrading to 9.0," to learn more about the new features available, as well as the additional fixes to address issues identified in prior releases:

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