Sugar Enterprise 14.0 - Coming Soon to Your CRM!

Note: This article is specific to the annual Sugar Enterprise 14.0 release. You can find out more about the quarterly Sugar Sell release here

As we prepare for our annual Sugar Enterprise release, it’s time to look at all the great functionality coming your way! This year, we've been focused on delivering features that improve usability, streamline workflows, and enrich the overall user experience to empower our users to achieve more with less.   

In this roundup, we dive into the myriad of new features and improvements that have been rolled out across Sugar Sell throughout the year that will now be coming to Sugar Enterprise, along with functionality that will be available in both Cloud and On-Premises versions in the 14.0 April 2024 release. Our commitment to enhancing efficiency, improving data accessibility, and offering a more intuitive user experience shines through in each update. Whether you're an administrator looking to quickly grasp essential user metrics or a sales representative seeking insights into your opportunities and pipeline, this year's updates are designed to meet your unique needs. 

Now let's explore the exciting new features and improvements that will make Sugar Enterprise more powerful than ever before! 

Enhanced Usability and Interface Improvements 

  • List View Filters: Several intuitive new List View filters have been rolled out and will be available, such as "Contains" for text fields and "Before Today" and "After Today" for date fields. These fields simplify search processes for faster, more User Profile Enhancements: Introduced in Sell 13.3 and now available in Sugar Enterprise 14.0 comes a modernized User Profile interface with improved aesthetics and usability, offering a seamless experience for users to customize settings and manage access efficiently.  
  • Refreshed User Management for Admins:  A fully modernized user management interface helps admins easily locate records, perform tasks, and navigate efficiently with improved filtering, search capabilities, pagination, and a more familiar and intuitive user experience. 
  • Tile View Upgrades: We’ve made major upgrades to Tile View throughout the year. For example, it’s now available for all sidecar modules with dropdown values, providing a more flexible and visually appealing way to navigate and manage data. It’s also now searchable.

Reporting and Dashboard Advancements 

  • Role-Specific Report and Dashboard Templates: With Enterprise and Sell 14.0, we’re releasing report and dashboard templates for immediate insights and faster adoption, featuring six role-specific dashboard templates and 166 report templates for various user roles. 
  • Dashboard FiltersUsers can now consolidate run-time filters in their report dashlets in one filter group. With this dashboard filter group, the user can filter at the dashboard level, and all the run-time filters in the dashboard will be updated. When using a big dashboard with dozens of dashlets, this new feature saves users a lot of time by using a single place to manage their filters.   
  • Time-Saving Report & Filter Improvements: We’ve introduced enhancements in report and filter functionalities, including introducing Focus Drawers in reports and new report filters.  
  • New Pipeline Metrics Dashlet: Finally, we replaced the In Forecast dashlet with a new Pipeline Metrics dashlet, offering a comprehensive view of pipeline performance with new key metrics for sellers and managers. 

Usability and Productivity Boosts 

  • Inline Editing and Sorting in Consoles: In this release, we’re introducing inline editing in Sales and Service Consoles and the ability to set primary and secondary sorting, improving efficiency and data management. 
  • Timeline Feature Enhancements: You’ll find several enhancements to the Timeline feature, including more modules, clearer search capabilities, and additional change tracking for a comprehensive view of customer interactions and activities.
  • Action Buttons & Menus: Quickly perform actions directly from focus dashboards using newly added Action Buttons and Menus. Admins can easily configure buttons to meet their specific organization’s needs.  
  • Dynamically Assign Records: Admins can now create a button to automatically assign records to the current user, bypassing the need to pre-select a static user during setup. 
  • Streamlined Comment Log Accessibility: We’ve expanded the availability of the Comment Log in the Quotes Module and all Preview Layouts with a scrollbar for easier navigation, ensuring a unified process for managing quotes and documentation. 
  • Easily Apply DocuSign Templates: Easily apply saved DocuSign templates to Sugar documents, streamlining the envelope preparation process. You can also now customize the name of DocuSign envelopes sent from Sugar for better organization and identification. 
  • New Native SharePoint Integration: Access SharePoint files directly within Sugar through the Cloud Drive dashlet, which is available with a configured Microsoft connector. 

Mobile App Enhancements 

This year, there were several updates to the SugarCRM mobile app. Although these enhancements are available throughout the year, they’re also worth mentioning here!  

Reporting Enhancements: 

  • The report dashlet now shows data tables that are easy to consume and navigate. They also come with new usability features, such as column sorting and dynamic run-time filters

Calendar & Communication Updates: 

  • Better access to past calendar events for comprehensive schedule reviews. 
  • Caller ID integration for calls from contacts or leads in Sugar, improving call management. 

Business Processes & Document Management: 

  • We now support the simultaneous creation of opportunities and revenue line items. 
  • The mobile app now supports DocuSign integration for easy document sending and management. 
  • Sugar Automate is now fully supported in the mobile app for smart guidance in navigating records through business processes.

Guided Selling Improvements  

Several Guided Selling (Sugar Automate) improvements were also made throughout year. Here are a few standout ones:  

  • Bidirectional Sugar actions (trigger smart guide status change when updating the record) 
  • Link existing activities to smart guides (as opposed to just creating new ones) 
  • Archived status badge 

Mail & Calendar Integration Enhancements 

Finally, several improvements were made to our mail and calendar integration in several releases throughout the year. A few highlights include:  

  • Timeline availability  
  • Shared mailbox support – Outlook  
  • Option to not use Hint data when creating Contact/Lead   
  • Support for additional Languages 
  • Support for dropdown-based layouts 
  • Team Meetings now available through the Meeting Scheduler in the sidebar  



This year's updates to Sugar Enterprise focus heavily on improving usability, streamlining reporting and dashboard management, enhancing productivity features, and boosting overall productivity. These advancements address user challenges, streamline operations, enrich the user interface, and encourage a more integrated approach to managing your customer relationships.  

What are you most excited about in the Enterprise 14.0 release? Let us know in the comments!  

Note: ChatGPT initially wrote this post. It has been directed and edited by Katie Moss.