Cheers to Our Star SugarClub Members!

 Happy New Year SugarClub!

We're already a week into 2022 and all very excited to start the new year, but I wanted to take a quick look back at some accomplishments from a special group of SugarClub members and thank them for their contributions to the SugarClub community. These members have achieved some outstanding achievements in SugarClub through 2021 through their participation and assistance to other SugarClub members, by being #RavingFans of Sugar, and by completing a variety of Skill Builder learning plans. I'd like to introduce you to these SugarClub members, show off their achievements, and thank them for being pillars of this community. 

Local Heros

These members have accrued over 1000 SugarClub points!

Torch Bearers

These members have accrued over 500 SugarClub points!

Skill Builders

These members have completed Skill Builder learning pathways!

5 Badges

4 Badges

3 Badges

2 Badges

1 Badge

Raving Fans

These members have shared their Sugar stories through activities like participating in case studies, G2 reviews, or talking about Sugar on social media!

THANK YOU to everyone mentioned in this post and to everyone who is a part of SugarClub!

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I hope you're all as excited as I am about what's coming to SugarClub and all of Sugar in 2022 -- Stay tuned!