A SugarClub Reflection on the Year of 2021 - New Content, SugarClub Additions, Customer Stories, and More!

This time of year, our thoughts naturally turn reflective. We think of our community, what we accomplished this year and our goals for the next chapter in our story. There’s a mix of gratitude and aspiration palpable in the air.  

The idea for this community was born from an in-person workshop in 2020, led by our then-new Chief Customer Officer, Chris Pennington. We had one goal: to help our customers succeed. We built SugarClub to be a place where you could go for everything Sugar-related that you could need to support your implementation, develop your professional skills, collaborate with users across the world, stay informed, and be celebrated.  

Now approaching the new calendar year, we’d be remiss not to take a moment and celebrate our victories in 2021 and the innovations and content we published that brought us one step closer to achieving our goal.  

In this post, you’ll find a recap of customer stories we were able to share, new training content we rolled out, exciting updates and additions to SugarClub, and more.  


Start 2022 Off on the Right Foot 

Tis the Season: Discounted SugarU Live Classes | Make your New Year resolution developing your Sugar skills. We’re offering a 15% discount on all live SugarU classes through December 31st, 2021.  


Plant the Seeds and Nurture Them to GROW 

GROW Adoption Framework | Our 2021 learned wisdom is that growth and change are often a package deal. Implementing new technology, or re-implementing, is never an easy project, but always a mission-critical one. This year, we launched the GROW Adoption Framework to help you succeed in your digital transformation project. Think of it like growing a garden. It isn’t enough to just plant the seeds; you’ve got to put in the time and attention to nurture things to their full potential. 


Calling All Audio Learners! 

SugarU Podcast | Not everyone learns the same—we get it. In 2021, we rolled out the all-new SugarU Podcast built for Sugar administrators. Check back every two weeks on Tuesday to listen to these bite-sized audio lessons! 


Show Off Your Skills 

Skill Builder Badges | Did someone say leveling up your Sugar knowledge and earning badges and points for it? We love the idea of showing off your skills on SugarClub by displaying your Skill Builder badge for all to see. In 2021, we launched these thoughtfully designed courses to help guide you through specific subject matter, so you have all the assigned material you need for one topic in one place.  


Connect In Your Language 

Community is nothing without connection, and user groups set up off industry, region or profession are the perfect place to forge those relationships. And, we recently launched the all-new content libraries in our regional groups, which make it easier for you to quickly access content in your native tongue (German, French, Spanish, and Italian.)  


Powerhouse Area Ahead: ClubZone 

ClubZone Sessions Now Available On-Demand Through SugarU | It’s true. It really happened. We hosted our first-ever virtual user conference this year for SugarClub, almost one year after we launched the community. And it was a huge success, to say the least. 75% of the agenda was submitted by the audience, 510 of you attended. We hosted 48 sessions with 52 speakers in 5 languages across three powerhouse days. And that content lives on in SugarU, where you can watch any of the sessions across the four tracks: Marketing, Sales, Service, and Operations.  


Join Us in the Leadership Lounge 

Leadership Lounge | Come put your finger on the pulse of Sugar and interact directly with Sugar leadership, like the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer himself, Clint Oram.  


Our Favorite Stories Told 

Stories to Watch 

Coches.com | Hear from the leaders of Coches.com, a Spain-based company  that’s changing how to buy a car and bringing it completely online.  

Hermann Hartje | Meet Hermann Hartje, a bicycle wholesaler that outgrew their  legacy technology and transformed their business with Sugar. (* 2021 EMEA  Customer of the Year) 

Stories to Read 

Community Tax | Read how one full-service tax firm automated workflows to  take in tons of data, give employees time back in their days, and provide  customers with faster answers and memorable experiences. 

Cortech Developments | This systems integrator’s legacy technology was  slowing down their customer service, but in migrating to SugarCloud, they can  now group customer data on one platform, saving your employees hours of  valuable time and giving them a stronger understanding of the customer journey. 

Acnos Pharma | Read this tale of how one pharmaceutical distributor and  service provider brought precision and speed to their processes by saving  employees time and bringing their data into one view. 

Delv | one APAC business that provides technology to empower humans to  thrive in a digital world needed a transition themselves to keep up with their  customers’ increasingly diverse needs. Enter SugarCRM.  

Neenah | As a leading global manufacturer of high-end packaging materials,  Neenah was doing great in all areas but one: they were collecting data, not  insights. Hear how Sugar Market and Sugar Sell helped them enhance the  customer experience like never before.  


Find Quick Videos...Quicker 

Quick Video Library Updates | Last year, our team launched Quick Videos. Since then, based on your feedback, we’ve improved the way you can consume these videos with an easier-to-navigate interface. Check it out! 


Engage and Share...and Earn Points for It 

Points, Achievements and Badges | In May of 2021, we launched Raving Fans, our SugarClub-centric point and badge system that awards and celebrates you for engaging in SugarClub, and showing your support of the Sugar brand. Have you noticed the Raving Fans badge around the community? Click here to learn how to earn yours! 

Breakthrough Moments with Breakthrough Customers 

Meet the 2021 SugarCRM Breakthrough Customer Award Winners | Our journey to find more ways to celebrate you didn’t slow down. This September, we launched our first-ever customer awards, The SugarCRM Customer Breakthrough Awards. Out of tons of amazing submissions worldwide, we finally landed on eleven 2021 winners, which we announced just last month! 


Celebrating One Year as a Community 

Happy Club-A-Versary!  | What’s better than celebrating the new year and welcoming 2022? Using the time to reflect on our one-year anniversary of SugarClub, or as we affectionally refer to it, Club-a-versary! Read our celebratory post from August.  


And, that’s a great note to close on. We have a lot of things to be grateful for, but most specifically is your continued loyalty. We wish you and your family health and happiness in the new year and look forward to achieving awe-inspiring things together in 2022.