A few of our favorite things

A heartfelt thank you to our customers who took time this year to share suggestions with our teams at Sugar on ways we could take your Sugar product experience to the next level.

We inquired, you delivered, and we got to work on some enhancements for you. 

From your input to Sugar’s platform, here are just a handful of our favorite UX-related things we released this year! 


Sugar Sell & Serve Platform 


Interface Look & Feel 

  • We’ve refreshed our User Interface! SugarCloud Customers who find darker interfaces to be easier and more comfortable to read can take advantage of Dark Mode within Sugar 


Things to make you even more efficient 

  • Natively create beautiful templates and merge data from one or more Sugar modules in Microsoft or PDF documents without writing a single line of code with Sugar’s Doc Merge.  We’re so happy this has been added as a standard feature for Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve Cloud customers, so your users can quickly send a document, replacing pen-and-paper signing!  


  • A small-and-mighty change that adds convenience is our new functionality where a user can double click a value within the row or subpanel in List View, giving instant ability to edit directly while viewing versus having a multi-click experience to edit a record value 


Updates to reach High-Definition Customer Experience (HDCX) for your Customers 

  • Understand your customers’ recent interactions with your business and gauge what their current temperature may be before any new outreach! Now users can quickly see multi-department communication that your business has sent to any one customer-contact using Sugar’s Timeline Dashlet.  On top of that, you can filter by specific communication types (such as email or phone call) to drill down however you need 


  • With Sugar’s Escalations Module, a badge can now appear making it visibly known that the record is an escalated matter so your teams can  apply more sensitivity with a customer or specific contact.  Taking it a step further, Escalations will also appear in the Timeline Dashlet mentioned above 


For Sugar Superstar Administrators – Studio & Admin Tool Updates 

  • A top feature of our own team members: Sugar action buttons!  When a user clicks on an action button, Sugar will perform the action or series of actions that Admins have set. As an example: instantly escalate a case with just one click of the action button and let the platform do the work behind the scenes to set the status to “High” and change the Assigned To owner to a manager.   Check out other example use cases for action buttons here 


  • These helpful properties and options are now available in Studio for relationship fields (previously only available for regular fields): Mass Update, Dependent, Required Field, Allow Imports and Duplicate Merge


  • For our Sugar Cloud customers: Our new logic function, currentUserfield, helps to control field requirement with user context.  Example Use Case: "When an account rep enters a lead, I want the lead’s Account Name field to be required because Account Reps are only creating leads from our existing accounts. When other users create leads, that field should not be required". More about the new logic function here



Sugar Market Platform 


Greater Nurture Success by using our Participant Count feature 

  • See when and where contacts are dropping from a given nurture, and who those contacts may be, using our Participant Count feature. These details can be insightful for campaign refinement to get your ideal customer’s attention 


Refine the data for your Sugar Market and Sugar Sell/Enterprise/Pro Sync  

  • Now Sugar Market has a whole new level of control and flexibility with more robustness for syncing records with Sugar Sell and Enterprise! We’ve enhanced filtering options to be a self-service feature so you have more control in your own instance.  Here’s a quick video to learn more about sync filtering


Automatically-updated lists for your nurtures using Dynamic Distribution Lists 

  • By popular demand, we launched dynamic distribution lists! Take advantage of this new functionality once you’ve integrated your Sugar Market instance with your SugarCRM (Sell/Enterprise/Pro). The dynamic lists pull contact and lead data from reports in the integrated SugarCRM instance to automatically update the list in Sugar Market, providing you with the most recent data from your CRM within Sugar Market. Dynamic distribution lists can be used as include and exclude lists in email and nurture campaigns, and can also be used in the "list checker" step in nurtures

            Enroll in our free course or watch this short video to learn how to set up dynamic distribution lists.  



Is your team taking advantage of any of these? Have any thoughts or questions? Let us know by leaving a comment! 

While these are featured items, we share all releases with our customers as items are released; visit our release notes if you’re interested in seeing more.