Sugar Sell Version 14.0: Accelerating User Adoption

Just so you know, most of the following features are also available in Sugar Serve.  

Our April 2024 Sugar Sell release (14.0) addresses a wide range of user challenges, with enhancements designed to streamline operations, enrich the user interface, accelerate time to adoption, and encourage a more integrated approach to managing customer relationships. Let’s explore the exciting new features and improvements!  

Note: This article is specific to the quarterly Sugar Sell14.0 release. You can find out more about the annual Sugar Enterprise 14.0 release here

Predict Dashlets* for Business Insights, Now Available in More Places!   

Recognizing the need for more accessible predictive insights, the latest Sugar Sell version allows users to seamlessly integrate SugarPredict dashlets in new places throughout the platform (including focus drawer and dashlet preview), offering a direct line to valuable predictions regarding Opportunity Closures and Lead Conversions right from their dashboards. This significant leap forward empowers users to make data-driven decisions effortlessly, enhancing productivity and decision-making processes. 

*Applicable to customers with SugarPredict enabled. Contact your customer success manager or Sugar Partner for more info.  


Streamlined Comment Log Accessibility for Efficient Quote Management 

With the expanded availability of the Comment Log in the Quotes Module and all Preview Layouts, users can now enjoy a unified and efficient process for managing quotes and other similar processes. This improvement ensures that tracking and documenting changes is a smooth experience. Adding a new scrollbar to the preview view enhances easier navigation through comments. 


Additional List View Filters for Quick Information Retrieval 

Following the trend of the last few Sell releases, Sell 14.0 introduces intuitive new filter options. New List View filters, including "Contains” (for text fields), "Before Today," and "After Today" (for date fields) are now available. These additions simplify the search process and enable faster and more accurate access to information.  


Predefined Dashlets for Greater Usability   

This release acknowledges the importance of dashboards in daily operations and adds predefined dashlets to the Users' module List View dashboard. This update lets administrators quickly grasp essential user metrics, enhancing user and administrative efficiency and overall usability.  


Role-Specific Report and Dashboard Templates for Immediate Insights, Easier Adoption, and Quick Time to Value  

Additionally, the introduction of role-specific report and dashboard templates marks a significant improvement for new customers. With immediate access to vital data analysis tools, users can bypass the initial setup phase and dive directly into deriving insights. This feature enables users to leverage the full potential of their CRM from day one, without requiring admins to set up specific dashboards and reports. Users can choose to use the existing templates as-is or duplicate them and edit the dashboards and reports to meet their needs.  

The following dashboards and reports allow users to adopt Sugar Sell quickly and efficiently: 

 6 role-based dashboard templates are available from the left-hand home menu:  

  • BDR Dashboard 
  • Customer Success Dashboard 
  • Executive Dashboard 
  • Marketing Dashboard 
  • Sales Manager Dashboard 
  • Sales Rep Dashboard 

The following example is from a sales executive’s templated dashboard.  


Many new report templates are also available in the release and can be found using the default Templates filter in the Reports module. These report templates will be automatically available in your instance to provide various starting points for your personalized reports. Simply create a copy to personalize them for your use. 

Enhanced Mobile Experience for Quote Creation 

The April 2024 release also incorporates enhancements to the SugarCRM mobile app, including a more secure and compliant oAuth 2.0 flow and streamlined product selection during quote creation. These updates underscore SugarCRM’s dedication to providing a superior mobile CRM experience. 


Streamlined Data Analysis with Unified Dashboard Filters  

Sugar Sell 14.0 also brings a welcome update for Sell Premier users leveraging Enhanced Forecasting by simplifying data analysis with an integrated dashboard filtering system, previously available for the standard Report dashlet. Sell Premier’s Enhanced Forecasting and reporting capabilities, powered by Sugar Discover, now allow unified dashboard filters to adjust multiple dashlets simultaneously. This means no more juggling between different slicers for each report. A single filter action now updates all relevant dashlets, saving time and reducing complexity. Users can quickly see the effects of their filtering choices, making data-driven decisions more straightforward.   

Improved User Workflow with Focus Drawers for Enhanced Forecasting 

Another standout feature of the new release is the addition of Focus Drawers within Sell Premier’s Enhanced Forecasting and reporting capabilities, designed to keep users in a single, concentrated workflow. This new tool removes the need to open new tabs for each report detail, allowing users to delve deeper into data without leaving the dashboard. These updates illustrate SugarCRM's commitment to enhancing productivity through intuitive design. 


Sugar Sell 14.0 focuses on overcoming user challenges, enhancing efficiency, and enriching the user adoption experience. Stay tuned for more helpful product updates. Subscribe today!  


Note: ChatGPT initially wrote this article. It was directed and edited by Katie Moss.