Looking for some Use Cases for adding functionality to Sugar?

I have posted a new post with some Use Case examples on how to leverage the Sugar Framework to add additional functionality. What are your thoughts? Do you have more use cases I can add to the list?


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  • I think that the issue is when one has both B2B and B2C

    We resorted to "first, last" for account names for B2C (on an older system and took that with us in Sugar) and actual company/university name for B2B, but then we have to have Contacts that need to be able to link to both a B2C (for their personal software licenses) and B2B as representatives of their company/university so now we have M-M Contact-Account relationships and identifying (and merging) duplicates is even harder....

  • Doesn't cover Quotes module, which has specific need to associate an Account to every line item, so not as simple unfortunately.