SugarClub Updates- User Groups, Engage, Quick Videos, and more!

It's been over 6 months since the launch of SugarClub, and in that time, Club members have been extremely engaged and supportive. They have answered hundreds of questions with over 3000 replies and earned over 1500 badges

THANK YOU to every SugarClub member for helping to build this community of Sugar enthusiasts.

The SugarClub team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers when engaging with each other and with Sugar, so we have been listening to feedback from Club members and making updates to elevate your experience. Today, I'm excited to share the most recent changes to SugarClub.

Engage Group Updates

Our vision for the Engage group is to create a space for everyone who uses a Sugar product (or those who don't yet use a Sugar product!) to engage with their peers, connect and learn from each other, and share experiences. 

You'll see that the Engage homepage has been redesigned to spotlight new User Groups (more information below!), essential Customer Resources, our Clubhouse Q&A live events, and more. We've also made the event calendar more visible and accessible, consolidated news from SugarCRM and our partners, and feature updates from Club members, such as new badges and profile updates. It's your go-to location for customer news and events.

New User Groups

 Find your peers, discuss how you use Sugar, how you do your job, and get advice from other Sugar users in our new User Groups. You'll find groups based on professions and industries, as well as Language-based groups, allowing SugarClub members from around the globe to engage in languages other than English! Be sure to join these new groups to engage with your peers and be notified when new discussions are posted!

If you'd like to see more groups added, vote on the User Groups page. Our team will evaluate new groups in the future based on your feedback.

Quick Video Library

 We're working hard to expand the newly-added Quick Videos & Learning Resources library. Here, you'll find a library of quick videos to demonstrate common actions in your Sugar products, as well as resources for increasing user adoption, such as our five-part Optimizing User Adoption Series. Check back often as we'll frequently be adding more content!

Also in the Training & Certification group, you'll find more training and learning resources, including recently added E-learning courses:

and upcoming live classes:

Live Clubhouse Q&A Sessions

 We invite Club members to join these live sessions with our team and chat with us over Zoom. Ask questions, get best practices, get to know us & each other. These events will be posted to the Sugar Events calendar and occur on the 2nd Friday of every month. Register for the March 12th and April 9th sessions today -- we hope to see you there!

And More!

Check the SugarClub homepage regularly for updates, important announcements, and more from across The Club. We have plenty more updates coming soon to help make your Sugar experience the best possible!

If you have any questions or feedback about SugarClub, please let us know. Comment below or email us at

Thank you for being a part of The Club!