Default outbound email adress


We have two different teams that are using to different outgoing email addresses. 

I would like to change the default outgoing email adress from the personal email adress to the green one. Is that possible? 

Shouldn't I be able to do the change here?

  • Alexandra,

    We have been through the highs and lows of this requirement (mainly lows) over the years. The changes made in recent times by SugarCRM are a vast improvement but its still not quite there.

    If you are fine for your users to use the System Email address, then untick Allow Users to Configure Email accounts in System Email Settings. However, we could never get this to work as our System Email Address is a Microsoft Exchange Shared Mailbox and no matter what delegation settings we tried, the Exchange Server would refuse to send from Sugar (fine from Outlook)

    We can't seem to get this sorted and we know that users CAN send as the system email address from within Outlook, but not from within Sugar. We think this may still be some sort of permissions issue between Sugar and Exchange but we can't get to the source of the issue. Anyone who knows the trick we would love to know.

    So we left the Allow Users to Configure Email accounts in System Email Settings box ticked and then each user (admin can't do this), had to go into Email Settings in the Email module and set up an email account for the user's email address but with a reply to the System Email address

    This is not ideal as it relies on the recipient using reply.

    So for regular users this was adequate. But for Administrator users they still see all the user email accounts and worse Sugar defaults the "first one in the list" and if you don't spot it you send using someone else's account. This behaviour has been identified by Sugar Support as in the code but it doesn't seem to be considered a problem ?!

    We changed an Administrator to a Regular User but the problem persisted. We finally discovered that if we cleared the Reports To field for the user the problem was solved. So the user has to be a Regular User and have no Reports To.

    So we are working with this at the moment, but it is far from ideal and I hope that someone in SugarCRM reads this and sees that its still not quite right and needs some work. Its too much to dump this on Sugar Support.

    For now we have a working solution, but with some workarounds.

    Happy to answer related questions on this.


    Greg Barrass


  • Hello Alexandra,

    AFAIK, the user cannot set another default outbound email in that list.

    Luckily, setting up Sugar is not limited to the simple admin interface - Sugar Admins and Partners can leverage platform configurability to deliver a better user experience for subscribers for their specific use cases - without hesitations and expecting extra attention from the overloaded vendor's devteam.

    From the task description, I may conclude that the vast majority of emails that a particular user compiles should be sent from the specific email address.
    That address differs from the first listed in "from" field and the user probably goes crazy been forced to change the value for almost every outbound message.

    To deliver a better user experience for this customer, I may suggest the following configuring:
    1) use the Studio no-code tool to add the text field to the User profile ("Force This Outbound Email"), so that the user could put the name of the most frequently used OutboundEmail in it - or leave it empty for out-of-the-box From selection.
    2) employ the Logic Builder no-code tool to configure the automation that will substitute the OutboundEmail with the "Force This Outbound Email" value whenever Sugar send a composed message

    Such proper configuring should make the Sugar platform do the following work:


    if this solution could work for your customer, please drop me a line - since I have access to the Logic Builder no-code tool and the configuration is ready - I can generate ready-to-install zip with a click and upload it here so that you could freely use it.
    Please let me know

    Btw, if you are curious about how to manipulate email parameters on the fly in Sugar and with no-coding - please zoom in the drawing then follow the white line to read:

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Hey

    I would love to try that and see if my cusotmer likes it. 

    A will much appreciator if I could take part of the zip fil! 

  • Hi

    Here is the zip file to install via Module Loader:

    Prior to installing them, please do not forget to add "Force This Outbound Email" field to the Users module via Studio

    Please drop a line here if this worked for your customer

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient

  • Hey!

    Unfortunately this solution did not work for us, we have set a limit on our users not being allowed to send out emails via their private addresses. Which means that this function unfortunately does not become relevant to us at present.

    But thanks you for the help! 

  • Hi Alexandra,

    that solution might work in case the list of outbound email accounts available for the user consists of non-private addresses - have you had a chance to try?

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient

  • In later Sugar versions users can easily define the default outgoing email account:


    The following 11.3.0 Emails behavior has changed in 12.0.x:

    Feature Sugar 11.3 Behavior Sugar 12.0 Behavior
    Favorite and Preferred Sending Accounts Users can favorite Outgoing Email Accounts to prioritize them in the "From" address field when composing an email. Favorite email accounts are in alphabetical order, followed by all other accounts in alphabetical order. Users can mark an account as a favorite and/or a "Preferred Sending Account" to prioritize the account in the "From" dropdown when composing an email. Accounts that are marked as favorites and preferred sending accounts are at the top of the list, followed by accounts that are marked as favorites in alphabetical order, followed by preferred sending accounts in alphabetical order, followed by all other accounts in alphabetical order.