We appreciate your feedback – a message from Chris Pennington

Last year, we announced our Voice of the Customer program and our interest in hearing from you as part of our commitment to your experiences with Sugar, and we recently highlighted a couple key things we've learned.

I'd like to personally invite our customers to continue responding to the surveys we send periodically so we hear from you directly!

We're eager to learn how we can work with you to meet your expectations as well as your organization's goals.

Lastly, each month we're sending donations to a global non-profit for every survey completed. For the month of June, we've selected Rainforesttrust.org -- an organization dedicated to protecting threatened tropical forests and endangered wildlife.

  • Glad to have the opportunity to speak out about Sugar Connect. Please let me start by saying that Sugar CRM itself is wonderful and we love it. Additionally the Sugar people, Deb, Beth, Zac etc are also great. Sugar Connect, no so much! In fact not at all. I fear that the latest release today, v19 is even a new low. And I hate, no detest, that we have no choice in which updates we install and use and that we have no means or chance to even try them out before deploying them. You guys have completely mis-managed the transition from Collabspot to Connect and continue to make our lives worse and worse with each new release. We have worked very closely with your team over the last 4 months to help and yet now I fear that you are pushing us farther and farther away to a point at which we may have to abandon Sugar all-together. This is a call, no A SCREAM, for help.

    Thank you


  • We don’t want to lose you as a customer Ted; perhaps it would be helpful if we can set up a call and I can engage with you directly to talk through your wider concerns.

    I do want to thank you for sharing your feedback and the positive endorsement of SugarCRM and our team.  That said, I do want to apologize for the experiences that you’ve encountered with the transition from Collabspot to Sugar Connect.  As you well know we are working hard everyday to strengthen and improve all of our products – including Sugar Connect.

  • Thank you for the note and call today, Chis. I am grateful that we had the chance to speak and I am confident that you and your team are well engaged in addressing the issues In Connect. My company is a strong supporter of the Sugar ecosystem and as a result we suffer terribly when things don't work as expected, My prior rant, for which I apologize, was done at time of great frustration. I know that you have challenges to overcome and I extremely appreciate that you have permitted me and heard me insofar as participating in my small way to your future product improvements and success.


  • Hi Ted - great to be able to chat with you.  Customers for life is our solemn promise, and we really appreciate your feedback and support.

  • Hi Ted - I am curious what your major pain points with Connect are.  I just joined a company utilizing Sugar and Sugar connect and it just feels like basic functionality is missing such as a full calendar sync.