The results of our customers' input!

When we launched our Voice of the Customer program, we highlighted that the program was more than a survey requesting feedback: it offers the ability to understand our customers better - globally and as individuals.

What matters to your business and your teams?  Are we effectively working with you to achieve your goals? 

Every comment our customers shared with us has been read here at Sugar and, depending on the type of feedback, we have procedures in place to route to appropriate teams (described in a previous post)

We received many comments that have helped our Customer Success Managers and Partners to work with you - our customers - differently on a one-on-one basis to drive more value for your organization.

We also received many comments that collectively told us we had two key areas to address:

  1. Many comments mentioned that Sugar had room for improvement when it came to our invoicing / collections process. Particularly that it was time consuming to reach someone at Sugar to make a payment and avoid any service disruption; what we recognize should be a simple task for anyone!

          Thanks to this input, we’ve made adjustments to our financing protocols and tightened our internal Service Level Agreements so that your teams’ experiences moving forward are better. 

       2. Several people shared concerns around our pricing model for their small businesses. 

          We’ve heard you and our teams are now in discussion on what improvements we can make to better meet our small business customer needs.

A big thank you to our customers for taking time to tell Sugar what can be done to offer improved experiences for your business! The details given are incredibly helpful for us to refine how we do things for your organization and for the greater good of all of our customers.

Please keep the responses coming as you receive our surveys. We promise we will continue to do our part by reviewing and determining how best we can handle here at Sugar.