Prioritizing your product feedback :: March 2023 Update

Hello Customers, 

Sugar is continuing to improve how we listen and manage your feedback around our platform.  

As a refresher, here are the key changes that Brian Mackey, our VP of Product, shared last year: 

  • Issue is the new term for what was previously known as Product 'Bugs' or areas within the platform that are not working as designed 
  • Idea is the new term for what was previously known as 'Enhancement Request' (or platform wishes / wants)  
  • We heard customers wanted transparency around where feedback goes at Sugar, so we updated the language for how we describe the state of an Issue or Idea, to make it clearer what you can expect. We have documented this publicly for your reference  
  • Leading by our mantra of letting the platform do the work, we worked on ensuring that you’ll receive automatic updates as Issues are reviewed and updated by our Product Management Team

What's Next: We want to focus on Issues or Ideas that matter most to our customers' businesses. 

First, we need to review current processes for how we prioritize product feedback that you share with us.  We plan to make changes to ensure we're working on solving things that our customers have voiced are most impactful.  

Important to note that we do have a development vision for our platform; this strategy will be balanced alongside product feedback from our customers.  

You can expect to hear more details of our progress later this year! 

In the meantime, if you are a customer interested in participating in feedback sessions with our team around Sugar's transparency and communication regarding Issue and Idea handling, please reach out to or comment below.


Where do I submit product Issues or Ideas?  

Please submit feedback to our Support Team at or you can file the ticket through Sugar's Case Portal - we are here to help! 


How do I know what the status is of an Issue or Idea? And what does that status actually mean? 

When logged into Sugar's Case Portal, the status of an Issue or Idea will be shown near the top of the Issue or Idea Record – see image below. 

Status definitions can be found here.