SugarCRM’s Voice of the Customer Program

As we approach the end of 2020, it is an excellent time to both reflect on the past year and look forward to what is coming for 2021. Here at Sugar, one of our most exciting programs that launched in 2020 was our Voice of the Customer program. While we have tracked the success of our Support team using NPS for many years, we’ve designed our Voice of the Customer program to encompass not only individual touchpoints along the customer journey, but our overall relationship with our customers as well.

We began the program planning in March and launched our first round of relationship surveys in May. Since then, we’ve been surveying more and more customers each month with a goal to survey all accounts by March 2021. While we are working hard to make sure we reach each customer to solicit your feedback, we need a little help from you, our customers! When you receive a message from us linking to the survey, please take a moment to tell us how things are going. The survey is quick, and your responses are invaluable to us as we work to improve your customer experience. We truly are listening, and should you take the one minute to answer our two-question survey, here is what you can expect from us:

  • A response from our Customer Success team acknowledging receipt of your feedback and any next steps as needed
  • Specific feedback will be routed to the appropriate teams within Sugar
  • All feedback is compiled and reviewed monthly by our Executive team to analyze trends and take action within the business
  • A review of your organization's input during sessions with your Customer Success Manager

As our Voice of the Customer program continues to grow, we are looking to expand our surveying program to include key touchpoints along the customer journey. Our next survey will be gathering feedback from new customers at the close of their business. This will allow us to refine our sales processes and provide an improved experience for new prospects.

The Voice of the Customer program isn’t just a survey requesting your feedback, it’s a mechanism for fostering dialogue between us as a vendor and you as our customer. By gathering feedback from your team, we can form a more complete picture of your account, learn more about your needs as an organization, and serve you better so that we can work to achieve your goals together in a true partnership.