Sugar's Second Global Research Report is Here — It Uncovers the 'Great Customer Resignation?'

This week, Sugar launches our 2022 CRM Impact Report, which comes on the heels of our successful 2021 CRM and Sales Impact Report. Expanding our 2022 survey to cover both sales and marketing professionals, the voices of 1600 industry experts across the USA, UK, Germany, and Australia uncovered key insights with regards to:  

  • How customer experiences have a direct impact on customer retention and satisfaction  
  • The factors preventing sales and marketing cooperation  
  • Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) has an ever-growing role in marketing, sales, and service  

Circling back on the findings of the 2021 report that stated customer churn is costing mid-market companies an average of $5.5 M per year, the 2022 report uncovers customers are leaving companies at an extraordinary rate. Particularly in the US, businesses lose nearly one out of every two customers they gain. The research highlighted in the report is what Sugar is deeming "The Great Customer Resignation."   

But what is spurring these customers' mass departure?   

According to our respondents, 71% suspect the churn is directly correlated to poor customer experience due to missing or incomplete data. And in a post-pandemic world where companies are suffering the onslaught of supply chain disruption and employment challenges, this blow to their business continuity is staggering.   

What might come as a surprise is how these professionals are responding. The 2022 report demonstrates that companies worldwide are increasingly turning to AI and emphasizing sales and marketing alignment to solve the friction points leading to this mass exodus.   

The team at Sugar has been working hard in the background to bring these key insights to our customers' fingertips, and we're so excited to share our findings today. How is your organization fairing in the face of the Great Customer Resignation? Download a copy of the full report to get the facts now. Are you a Spanish speaker? Download a version in Spanish! The report will be made available in more languages soon!

Hear More at Our Upcoming Webinar

If you’d like to learn more about our research findings, we are hosting a webinar with Liz Miller, VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research and Clare Dorrian, CMO at SugarCRM. You can register here: 

I hope to see you there!