Season 2 Episode 14: SugarClub Quarterly RetroPod (Q2 2022)

Show Notes:

In this episode, we review 10 posts from SugarClub from last quarter that we don’t want you to miss.  This episode will hopefully entice you to take a look at one or all of these post links listed below.

New Quick Video – Using Advanced Forecasting and Pipeline Analytics in Sugar Sell by Olivia Englehart

6 Successful Tips to Creating an Enticing Marketing Campaign by Lauren King 

Sugar Connected Virtual Event Series – Now available On Demand 

New Webinar in June - Accelerate and Automate Sales: Create the Ultimate Sales Plays with CRM 

NEW Thought-Leadership Podcast Featuring Business Leaders and Their Strategies for Growth  

WEBINAR: How is CRM software helping leading manufacturers boost productivity? 

Best practices in data cleansing when you have a large CRM by Adam Franks

In Case You Missed Our Q3 2022 (12.1) Dev Webinar by Rafael Fernandes

Leadership Lounge – How No-Code/ Low-Code Works by Christian Wettre

New E-learning course: Quick Start for Salesforce Administrators by Brie Rowe