Dashboards' New Floating Action Button is FAB!

After SugarCRM’s successful release of the flexible dashboards in Q4 2020, we are continuing that momentum of improving and modernizing the dashboarding experience with a few additional features for the 10.3 release in Q1 2021.


We have now relocated the dashboard actions menu into a new centralized Floating Action Button (FAB) on the canvas. Inspired by Google’s Material Design Floating Action Button, this will be the first step in Sugar’s long-term vision of opening up more dashboard real estate and changing the way dashboarding is done. By giving back the power of dashboarding to our users, we have placed the most primary, common controls you need right where you will be working the most.

With a simple click of the FAB, you can perform various actions on your dashboards, intelligence panes, and the Renewals and Service Consoles. And no need to worry, dashboard permissions will continue to work the way they always have.

Relocate the FAB

As you customize a dashboard, we have also given you the ability to relocate the FAB to another position on the canvas, using the new “Pin to Top” and “Pin to Bottom” options. Simply click on the option and the FAB will collapse itself and move to that location.

Edit Dashboard Name 

As part of the release, we have also made editing your dashboard name easier. With a simple hover over your dashboard title, a pencil icon will now appear. Clicking anywhere in the title field will allow you to begin editing. Once you are done, hit tab or enter on your keyboard or simply click away to save the new name.

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