Sugar Connect 40.0 is Live

SugarCRM is pleased to announce the release of version 40.0 of Sugar Connect.

Review the Sugar Connect Release Notes for more information about this release, including any feature enhancements and fixed issues.

The following issues have been resolved:

  • 93033: Email templates that are used to compose an email with Sugar Connect do not retrieve variables from related modules.
  • 92951: The Email Tracking Dashboard shrinks the left side when a long URL is tracked, making it difficult to see the content on the left side of the dashboard.
  • 92111: Sugar Connect may not remove events in the external calendar that have been unassigned in Sugar.

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All existing installations of Sugar Connect will be upgraded automatically.

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  •  The new feature added in Sugar Connect 40.0 to auto-archive inbound messages means that you would no longer need to move everything to Copy to CRM when it hits your inbox. If you enable the setting to auto-archive inbound messages at either the user or individual contact level, Sugar Connect will automatically archive messages to Sugar. You can get rid of your Copy to CRM rule in your inbox! :) 

    Also note above that we've given administrators the ability to define a policy for auto-archiving messages. The functionality is similar to how administrators define policy for calendar sync settings where a setting can be always enabled, enabled by default, disabled by default, or always disabled. Previously auto-archive settings were left to each individual user to enable or disable. Now, if an administrator wants all incoming and/or outgoing messages to be archived they can make that happen by making individual user settings always enabled.

    We hope you find these new options useful. And we love feedback so let us know the good, the bad, and the ugly as you get in and start using these new features.

  • Hi  I have an issue causing me mush frustration :(
    Our IT has pushed out Sugar Connect as an approved MS app so admin no longer needs to add users via the Sugar Connect Portal. However, it seems that the Copy to CRM folder isn't created so emails are not archiving even though Email Archival is set to auto-archive.
    Any help you can offer would by hugely appreciated!
    Thank you

  • There are a couple of questions here I want to separate and address.

    It sounds like in your environment, users will automatically be added to your Sugar Connect tenant when they login. And that your IT department has pushed the add-in our to the Office 365 profiles of your users so they no longer have to install it. The Copy to CRM folder should be created when a user successfully logs into either the sidebar or the Sugar Connect Portal and is therefore added as a user to your Sugar Connect tenant. There is a scheduled job that runs to create that folder so it may not appear instantly.

    Second, auto-archive of emails is different than using the Copy to CRM folder. Copy to CRM acts as a way to manually bulk archive emails. You can select multiple emails and drag them into this folder. A scheduled job will process them and attempt to archive the email to Sugar if there is a matching contact/lead with that email address. Auto-archive will automatically can your sent folder (for outbound) or inbox (for inbound) for messages and attempt to archive if there is a match on email address. There is no manually interaction needed.

    I hope this clarifies some of your questions and issues.