Improvement: Notify the user/Sugar Admin when the Scheduled Report is too big to send

We had a user create a report and scheduling it for delivery but the email was never received.

After a bunch of digging I found that the report resulted in an 80M PDF attachment that was, of course, undeliverable.

The only indication is the vague failure message in the sugar log which does not indicate what actually failed to send.

[FATAL] PHPMailerProxy encountered an error: SMTP Error: data not accepted.SMTP server error: DATA END command failed Detail: Error: message file too big

I would recommend that at the very least the log include the reportFilename, and even better, it would be nice if the "too large" error could be captured by the script and the requestor of the report be notified.

ADDED BONUS: allow users to schedule at least row/column reports to send as CSV! :)


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