Grouping/Organising Dashboards

Hello Sugar from Cortech Developments! Our users love using dashboards and have many uses for them. 

We have now come to a point where we have so many that it is hard to navigate through the drop-down menu to select ones to view. 

Are there any plans to introduce some functionality whereby users can organise/categorise the dashboards they have access to?

Although I am an Admin User and see all/most dashboards, our sales team have a number of different dashboards set up for each account they manage. Within each dashboard are a number of KPI reports that measure the performance of a specified account. These dashboards are useful to group reports together and are showing areas where the sales account manager needs to engage with them differently or increase sales in certain areas.

An account (referred to as a technical partner) can either be Recognised, Gold or Platinum. Each technical partner has their own dashboard that the sales account manager has created,

The result is many dashboards. It would be a benefit if this was displayed like folders (grouped to how the user specified them). 

My line manager, for example has 27 assigned to him in the 'manage dashboards' list view and assigned to 'home' module. These dashboards are used for sales metrics, support metrics, training sales metrics, uk sales, overseas sales, x gold performance, x platinum performance.  

Grouping here would be as follows:

  • UK Metrics
    • UK sales
    • UK support
    • UK training
  • UAE Metrics
    • UAE sales
    • UAE Support
    • UAE training
  • Gold Technical Partners
    • Account 1 Performance KPIs
    • Account 2 Performance KPIs
    • etc
  • Platinum Technical Partners
    • Account 1 Performance KPIs
    • Account 2 Performance KPIs
    • etc

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