Ability to filter on empty/not empty records

Suggestion: The ability to filter for empty/not empty records when using the listview filters against modules. 


We are currently going through all of our data sets that we hold for each module to improve our sales and marketing campaigns.

Within our Contacts module, we have a relate field for the account name that they are associated to. We have over 2000 contact records without an associated account.

I have tried to set up a listview filter from the contacts module but this only has the dropdown options against 'Account Name' > 'is any of' or 'is not any of'.

We want to link the contact to an account where the contact has a valid email address so that we can then capture them into an email campaign if their related account type is a specific criteria.

I have created a report to achieve this instead using the logic - Contacts > Account Name > Name 'is empty'.

This report does bring back the required information. However, using Sugar Sell V11, the drawer dashboard feature is not available on report records rows, nor is there a quick edit/mass update function to update these records that have no associated account. 

It would be useful to be able to search for empty/not empty records within the listview as the mass update feature could be used, assisting with productivity for updating records more quickly without having to load the details for each individual record.

This is available for reports but i feel it would be really useful to have this logic available on the listview logic hooks too.

  • Hi Dmytro, 

    Thanks for asking for further information. 

    The report I have set up allows me to manipulate the dataset, so for example the report is currently filtered to bring back contacts where an email address has been added, as well as the related 'account name' field being set as empty/blank.

    I can filter this even further by selecting 'where email address contains' (adds text), so this brings back a list of contacts where they have the same email domain address (eg Contains ''). 

    There doesn't seem to be a way to use the same logic hooks (as there are in the reports) in filtered list view from modules. 

    If I could get the list view to do the same as the report does, I would update a number of contacts that belong to the same company using mass update - Account Name is 'ABC Company', thus saving me time. 

    The report I have created provides me with the information I require but I will need to go into each contact record to update the related account field.

    Hope this further explains my product suggestion. 

    I can see this being useful in other scenarios too, where a mass update would be useful for updating blank data.

    list view options:

    report options:

  • Despite my total support of the idea of selecting by "no value", the use case is unclear.

    If there are, let's say, 2000 contacts records without reference to any account, how could the mass update help in setting account for these contacts via list view? They supposed to belong to different accounts, aren't they?