Sugar Market 21.9 is now Available

Feature Enhancements

The following feature has been deployed in version 21.9 of Market:

  • New alert templates section in Email Builder 2.0. Alert templates are now in a separate section on Step 2 in Email Builder 2.0 in addition to the standard email templates. Alert templates that were created prior to this release have automatically been moved to this location.



The following improvements have been added to Market version 21.9:

  • Text is left-aligned in Email Builder 2.0 when left-alignment was not selected in the builder. 
  • Table formatting in landing pages is not displayed as designed in preview mode and in published pages.
  • When a contact's email address is updated in the CRM contact record, the address is not updated in the distribution lists of which the contact is a member.
  • Delivery status and message are not loading in the campaign dashboard. 
  • Importing a CSV file into a suppression list fails. 
  • Attempting to import an SVG file into the Asset Library throws an “unsupported file” error. 

Market 21.9 Release Notes:

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