SPF Alignment for Your Email-Sending Domain

Sugar Market now supports “From: header” SPF domain alignment in accordance with the new bulk sender requirements stipulated by Gmail and Yahoo. To configure this required SPF alignment for your email-sending domain, you will need to:  

Please note: This change affects deliverability, not your ablity to send marketing emails. You can still send marketing emails from Sugar Market before this change is made. 

Update your DNS Configuration 

To achieve the correct SPF alignment, you will need to update your DNS configuration via your DNS provider. Specifically, you must create a new CNAME record for your Sugar Market email-sending domain. The details of the record are region specific, please use the values below for your specific region: 


Host: market.apac-bounce 

Value: apacsender.msgapp.com 



Host: market.eu-bounce 

Value: eusender.msgapp.com 



Host: market.us-bounce 

Value: ussender.msgapp.com 

For example, if your email-sending domain is mycompany.com, and you are in NA, you will need to create a CNAME record for market.us-bounce.mycompany.com with the value ussender.msgapp.com.  

Notify SugarCRM Support

Once you have created the CNAME record, please notify SugarCRM Support by creating a case containing the following information: 

  • Your Sugar Market email-sending domain 
  • A screenshot of the CNAME record you created with the Host and Value fields visible  

If you need more assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with SugarCRM Support.