Sugar Market 13.35 (Oct. 13 2020) is now Available

Feature Enhancements

  • Authentication: Added token-based authentication for public API in addition to existing authentication. [PLAT-3164]
  • SugarClub: Added a SugarClub site link to the user menu. [APP-4412]

Fixed Issues

  • Shared reports are not viewable by other users. [PLAT-3170]
  • Report folders show all reports instead of the expected filtered view. [PLAT-3068]
  • Custom reports that include a custom date field display time and date in the HTML report. Existing reports using a custom date field will need to be edited to remove the time. [PLAT-3165] 
  • Attempting to run an SEO audit produces an error. [PLAT-2831]
  • Preference list unable to import distribution lists with over 10,000 records. [PLAT-3147] 
  • The All and Leads tabs in the Leads and Contacts view are not displaying records. [PLAT-3157]
  • Including recipients that have opted out does not work in Email Builder 2.0. [APP-4415]
  • Changing global styles when using a theme or template in Email Builder 2.0 does not update all text boxes. [APP-3421]

Sugar Market 13.35 Release Notes:

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