My Notes Last 7 Days in Service Console

We are using the Service Console and have a requirement for a dashlet showing the Notes for the Last 7 days for the logged in user. This necessitates a filter to specify the current user, but  the only option at the moment appears to be using the Assigned To User and specifying a user. which is not a viable solution. We need it to provide the Current User option.

If the existing option is used, any other user using the Service Console get no data displayed and a message to duplicate the Service Console which is not ideal when trying to roll out a consistent dashboard for all team members.

Am I missing something ?

  • Hi Greg,

    Would it work to use the List View dashlet and the "My Items" filter as shown here:

    I tested this and it seemed to work for your requirement.

    I hope this helps!

    Alex Nassi
    SugarCRM | Sr. Community Manager

  • Hi ,

    thanks, you blew my mind there a little bit ;D

    I saw this "My Items" option so many times but never checked, that it could be used to achieve at least part of the requirements in terms of dashboard and filter-sharing, that we've been having for years now.

    Though, I have to add that the possibility to filter on the current user would be much more useful, since it could be used for all user-fields (also custom ones), whereas My Items only applies to Assigned to. And it could be used to also filter negatively (Assigned to is not Current user, for example), which is also not possible with this. There already is an enhancement request in the Support Portal for this (since 2016) - so maybe you can open a case to state your interest in this feature anyways, . :) 

  • Good idea, but the problem with a My type built in filter is that it doesn't permit adding anything else to the filter. For example My Notes Last 7 Days. Thats where the current User options would work perfectly as you can add other criteria.

  • Dear Greg,

    One of the out of the box filter that is available in the system is "My Items" which typically works on the logged in user. For the requirement specified to view "My Notes Last 7 Days", this option is perfect wherein the logged in user will be able to view his/her notes and need not specify any "Assigned To" name.

  • Hi / ,

    I sure am hoping either of you can help with a very related situation as the originally reported one here by Greg. Sugar Services helped hone our processes after implementing Serve / Sell, so we have many PD defining how Customers and our Support Teams respond to ongoing Support Cases. Additionally, we use Cases for a variety of functions both internally and externally and via the Customer Support Portal (Services also customized). 

    issue is re: Customer-created Portal Cases (Customer Support Cases are not limited to only being created via the portal)

    If the Customer adds a Note ("External Note"), only the "Assigned to" of the related ACCOUNT is notified, not the Support person that is Assigned to the CASE. 

    When trying to set up dashlets to filter for these, the "My items" doesn't work, because the Notes come in Assigned to the Regional Sales Manager (the Assigned to on the ACCOUNT). 

    The Case's Status remains Pending / Waiting on Customer, because the Support Assignee has no idea the Customer has added the Note (Sales is unaware / is on the road, etc)

    I was told the is OOB Standard functionality, so any ideas how I can have these Notes be assigned to the Support Assignees and Cases don't fall through the cracks?

    Thanks for any help you might can offer!

    Missy Brooks

  • We have designed out of the box BPMs to handle this - I have a few meetings on for next few hours but will get a detailed response posted later today.

  • So we have 3 BPMS that handle various scenarios involving Service Requests (Cases). We have a few more but won't complicate the explanation with those unless they become a question as well:

    1. New Case BPM - an extensive BPM that handles Credit control, Authorised Requestor etc for ALL incoming Cases whether logged manually in Sugar, via the Case Macro, Via the Portal or via the Plug IN or Sugar Connect. WE don't specify all of htat in the BPM - the start event is simply all new Case records.

    2. Incoming Email for Cases BPM - a tricky BPM to design hence we are moving to the Portal as quickly as possibly. Reliance on Email to trigger events is messy. Not Sugar BPM fault just an inherent problem with email

    3. Portal Communications BPM - there are two components to this:

    a. When one of our team members creates a Portal Note (more on this shortly) for a Case

    We needed to create a drop down in Notes that enabled a Note to be classified as a Portal Note to distinguish from all the other Notes recorded against a Case. This enabled us to write a BPM that essentially says - when a user creates a portal note do this. Effectively what it does is makes sure the Show in Portal Flag is ticked (otherwise we have all our other Notes for Cases not show in the Portal) and sends an email to the Primary Contact for the Cases telling them a note has been added to their case.

    b. When a portal user creates a note on a Case - notify the user assigned to the Case and in our case change the status of the Case to Modified (like SugarCRM's Using Pending External Input). The clock start ticking when the status changes to Modified and we have Escalations triggering after a certain elapsed time based on the customer Service Level. We have a separate BPM that monitors Case Status and notifies the assigned user that they need to look at the Case.

    Here is the Portal BPM:

    If you need anymore help on this or have additional questions please let me know.

  • Oh - we definitely have it notify the person assigned to the Case, not the person assigned to the Account

  • thank you so much for these details! I'll be using this as my guide to create a version that hopefully gets us there! I do wish notifications created from the portal weren't defaulted to notify Account owners - would save some headaches :) 

    I might have questions as I proceed - thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge!


  • But there is no option to add the additional condition for last 7 days. So you just end up with the last x number of years worth of Notes for example.