Seeking your Feedback: Sugar Market New Navigation System

Hi all.  I'm John Zilch, Product Manager for Sugar Market.  We've received a lot of feedback from our customers around how Sugar Market's navigation could be improved.  Well, you've spoken, we've listened and now we're reimagining how one navigates the product.  Our goal is to streamline the experience for easier use and to match the upcoming navigation system in Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve.

Please check out the attached video for a sneak preview of the new navigation design.   We'd love to hear your feedback.  Leave your thoughts and/or questions here and we'll be sure to respond.  If you don't feel comfortable leaving feedback on this forum, you can always email me your feedback at

Thank you! 

  • Hi John,

    This is great, I like the proposal for new navigation, it's great to have everything under one main menu and not having to navigate through Create, Manage & Analyze as we have to now. All legacy features are really confusing for new clients, as well as login page still directing through Salesfusion. 

    A couple of questions:

    Regarding Analytics, are Standard reports being modified as well, I mean, right now almost all of them are just like lists of information, most of the times I get 503 error with server issues and nothing comes up.

    Regarding Forms, we would like to see different types of forms to be available, like fly in forms, poo up forms. Also the ability to unpublish forms when we need to use them outside Sugar Market. 

    One final question, when are we expecting to get this release?

    Thank you!!

    Diana G Flores C

    Sr. Consultant

  • Hey Guys,

    The re-org of the nav & Menu is great.  I look forward to it

    Erik Tavenner

    Sr. Solutions Consultant

  •  Thank you for the question!  First, we have a new login page ( 

    We are not making changes with underlying features behind the navigation for the initial release.  So, Standard Reports will work as they do today (although we will certainly look at the 503 errors in the short term).  If you have feedback on how we might improve Standard Reports, we'd love to work with you. 

    On forms, we don't have short term plans for pop up or fly-in forms.  We have been exploring progressive profiling and forms that recall previously submitted information but don't have target release dates for this at the moment.  

    We are currently targeting a January release for the new navigation.

    Thanks again for your input and questions, Diana!  

  • Great to hear.  Thanks for the feedback, .  If anything else comes to mind, we're all ears.

  • Thank you John!

    Progressive profiling is great to.

    Diana G Flores C

    Sr. Consultant

  • Diana - Have you checked out the Advanced Analytics module available for every Sugar Market customer? It's able to do more advanced reporting than the "Custom/Standard Reports" in Market. You do have to ask support to turn it on for each customer, but I've noticed lately that it is not used by some new customers that might benefit from it. Here is a link to a course around Advanced Analytics in Sugar University. 

  • Hi Morgan,

    Yes I have, it is actually very useful tool. I have also completed the training in Sugar University, and when I show this to clients they are exited about it, they can create any type of reports and share them too.

    thanks for following up with me! I appreciate it.

    Best regards.

    Diana G Flores C

    Sr. Consultant

  • Thanks for sharing this. Great to see Sugar Market getting back to building more of a community and engaging with Market users. Kudos. Like the simplification around the new nav. This will be very helpful for new users as Diana mentions. One additional item I think that would help...Is it possible to reduce / limit the number of new webpage tabs Sugar Market opens as part of navigating the app? This leads to a lot of confusion for user's and we end up with a huge list of open tabs for each time we open a form or page etc. (sometimes we have data integrity issues because of this as the app is open and editable in a bunch of didn't states update). Thanks!

  • Thanks, Chris!  And thanks for being part our new user group!  That's great feedback around the extraneous tabs and it's something I've wondered too.  Great to hear why it's problematic for the group though.  I will ask our Engineering and Design team this week why that's the case and whether it's still needed.  Thank you!

  • Similar to others, I'm loving the streamlined navigation. It will definitely improve the onboarding experience for new users. Looking forward to seeing it in action!