Seeking your Feedback: Sugar Market New Navigation System

Hi all.  I'm John Zilch, Product Manager for Sugar Market.  We've received a lot of feedback from our customers around how Sugar Market's navigation could be improved.  Well, you've spoken, we've listened and now we're reimagining how one navigates the product.  Our goal is to streamline the experience for easier use and to match the upcoming navigation system in Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve.

Please check out the attached video for a sneak preview of the new navigation design.   We'd love to hear your feedback.  Leave your thoughts and/or questions here and we'll be sure to respond.  If you don't feel comfortable leaving feedback on this forum, you can always email me your feedback at

Thank you! 

  • Thanks for sharing this. Great to see Sugar Market getting back to building more of a community and engaging with Market users. Kudos. Like the simplification around the new nav. This will be very helpful for new users as Diana mentions. One additional item I think that would help...Is it possible to reduce / limit the number of new webpage tabs Sugar Market opens as part of navigating the app? This leads to a lot of confusion for user's and we end up with a huge list of open tabs for each time we open a form or page etc. (sometimes we have data integrity issues because of this as the app is open and editable in a bunch of didn't states update). Thanks!

  • Thanks, Chris!  And thanks for being part our new user group!  That's great feedback around the extraneous tabs and it's something I've wondered too.  Great to hear why it's problematic for the group though.  I will ask our Engineering and Design team this week why that's the case and whether it's still needed.  Thank you!

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