Group maibox is not receiving any inbound emails from Exhange online. I also cannot for some reason select the Trash/Sent folders 

I have checked Azure and even granted the API admin consent but nothing.

Sugar have taken a week to reply to my case and given me nothing of use back yet and I have three clients with the exact same issue.

ANY guidance will be appreciated!

1. Create a fresh Azure and Office business environment and configured as per the 'Integrating With Microsoft Connector for Admins' Sugar CRM support document.

2. Configure the Microsoft connector with the Client ID and Client Secret, and enabled.

3. Created new group mail account selecting Exchange online and authorized the connection.

4. I was NOT able to modify Monitored Folders (INBOX) or select Trash/Sent folders at this step.

5. Send test emails to the newly configured mailbox

6. Monitor the CRM log file

[FATAL] Job 16040fd4-8b87-11ed-bf64-00163ef68391 (Check Inbound Mailboxes) failed in CRON run, cannot select
INBOX, is this a valid transport?

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  • Hi, this is from an internal article I wrote after fuguring out the issue

    To send emails from CRM, you’ll first need to enable SMTP authentication for that email address in your Microsoft 365 admin center. Otherwise, Microsoft 365 will block requests to the SMTP server.

    To get started
    1. Open the Active users tab in your Microsoft 365 admin center

    2. Click here to open the right page or expand the hamburger icon in the top-left corner of the admin center and go to Users - Active users.

    3. Click on the email account that you want to use to send email which will expand a slide-out with more options.

    4. In the slide-out, go to the Mail tab. 

    5. Click the Manage email apps option.

    6. Check the box for Authenticated SMTP in the list of options.

    7. Click the Save changes button at the bottom.

    And that’s it! You’re done working in the Microsoft 365 admin center – you can now configure the system emails settings from CRM.