How can I share a lead's information with an Account?

We are a manufacturer that only sells to third-party authorized dealers. We still do our own marketing and collect leads on behalf of our dealers. We normally forward the contact information of a lead to the appropriate dealer. Now that we are using SugarSell, I am having a hard time sending the dealers the lead's contact information. Dealers do not have a Sugar account. When I go to the leads contact card and select "Share" it only sends a link that requests a username and password. Is there another way?

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  • , this is indeed odd.

    Unless something has changed since version 9.2 where the portal changed implementation (which I did contribute to, personally), that was one of the changes I have implemented to allow the use of the custom folder only.

    You could use this linux diff/patch, which I used at the time (2 years ago as you can see from the gist creation date), to test the addition of a new fully visible Sugar module:

    Obviously you would need the module in there first, and also the permissions correctly set on the Portal role.

    Feel free to test and confirm, if this is still applicable today though!



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