How can I share a lead's information with an Account?

We are a manufacturer that only sells to third-party authorized dealers. We still do our own marketing and collect leads on behalf of our dealers. We normally forward the contact information of a lead to the appropriate dealer. Now that we are using SugarSell, I am having a hard time sending the dealers the lead's contact information. Dealers do not have a Sugar account. When I go to the leads contact card and select "Share" it only sends a link that requests a username and password. Is there another way?

  • You can create a PDF template from PDF Manager so you will be able to download a PDF file containing all relevante informations. Eventually you can automatically send that PDF by email to the dealer.

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  • Daniel,

    The other way you can do is build a simple Partner Portal  and give them a login.  The get the email with the URL that points the dealer to login to their partner portal and he will have access to all the allocated leads. 

    We implemented similar partner portal for a company whereby the leads are distributed to partners via partner portal. You can also keep workflows based on the update the partner does for the lead  once it is allocated. 

    The leads used to get reallocated to the nearest next best parter if the initial partner does not update the lead within 48 hours of allocation.

    Even the lead conversion process is tracked so that the partner performance is measured against the leads passed.

    Ram Kumar LK

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  • Is there a way you can run reports on the leads that need to be sent? If so, you can set up a Group User for the dealer(s), create the Sugar report(s), and schedule the reports to send on a regular cadence to the necessary group user(s). The group users are not able to log in to your instance and do not take up a licence, and using the report display columns, you can choose which fields you want to be sent. 

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  • The Sugar Customer Support Portal appears to now provide the ability to make the Leads Module (along with other modules) visible in the portal. Along with the recent enhancements to the portal (especially the latest release) definitely worth assessing as an option.

  • Hi Greg, I don't think it is possible to add other modules in the portal without custom code. If you were thinking of the recent 11.1 release, it's possible you were thinking of SugarLive in Sell, which added the Lead and Account tabs to SugarLive. Or is there something else you were referring to?

    It is true though that the portal had some great enhancements recently, mostly for Serve. The Serve 11.1 release notes outline the new features there.


  • Brenda,

    Oh - I assumed that was the case as in the Configure Portal screen it offers to select a whole range of modules these days ?

  • Hello,

    I like the ideas that were proposed here: scheduled report and especially the portal. 

    If I may add, the simplest might be an email that you build with SugarBPM.

    1. Create a relationship between the lead and your dealer contact ("assigned dealer")
    2. Add 2 lead statuses "send to dealer" and "Sent to dealer"
    3. Prepare a process email template (target module = lead) that shows all the info your dealer needs
    4. Create a workflow that sends the email to the related dealer: on create or all updates, status = "send to dealer".
    5. Throw in an action that bumps the status to "sent to dealer"

    And you're good :)

    Hope this helps,

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  • In stock Sugar, I only see Cases, Bugs, and Knowledge Base, as usual. Maybe the instance you're looking at is customized? Having more modules would certainly be cool to expand the use cases for the portal!


  • Enabling other modules into Portal, even custom ones, is possible without custom code if the module has a relationship to either Accounts or Contacts and if such a relationship is the enough to fetch data properly.

    In case criterias to load data from other modules into Portal is not that simple, then it is possibile to implement a specific Visibility Strategy for that module in Portal.

    André Lopes
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