Sales stage audit in a report format?

Is there a way to report on activity that hasn't happened for a certain time period? 

Specifically, what I'm being asked to do is figure out how to get an exception report based on information in the Audit log - i.e. If a sales stage has not moved for a certain period of time.   We are able to look at this information at a line item level in the Audit Log, but the sales manager wants to get a report of all line items that are 30 days dormant, 60 days, 90, etc. specific to each Sales Stage.  I haven't been able to find the "date changed" for Sales Stages in the reporting module, much less how to report on a lack of action taking place. 

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  • Hi Jill

    if Opp stays for, let's say, 5 or X days on a particular stage, does it actually mean the Opp is stagnant?

    On the operational level, the calculation of days on the stage hardly helps to identify whether Opp is forgotten
    AFAIK, the actions recorded per Opp along with their recency or the absence of such actions per Opp - that should be in the focus for 'lack of actions' report

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    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • hi
    That's a great BPM, wondering if it could be adapted to also log the total value on every status change at that time?

    CRM Business Consultant