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Hello SugarClub.  I'm new to the community.  

Does anyone have best practices to share on announcing selection of Sugar to help set the tone and excitement prior to kicking off implementation?

I'd like to leverage what's worked best for others and appreciate any suggestions, messaging, multi-media or ways to add excitement right from the start.

Thank you!

Jay Greaves

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  • Hi Jay, 

    I did write something of an opinion piece on this previously.

    CRM Project – Internal Marketing Plan

    Marketing the CRM Project

    A key to a successful CRM project is to find the motivators and “Perks” of the CRM deployment for end-users and then build a groundswell of interest and anticipation around the CRM project. To “sell” the users on the utility is crucial to the long-term success of this project.  CRM will fundamentally change the daily workflow of many users.  The CRM project team should take a thoughtful, strategic approach to proactively “marketing” the CRM project to the entire user base.

    1       Letter From the President

    Early in the CRM project the executive management team should exert their sponsorship of the CRM project.  This should be further demonstrated through an “All Employees” announcement via email. This communication should be written to both announce the project and demonstrate pending benefits of its deployment.  Leverage this announcement to also clarify project management leaders coupled with the request for volunteers, opinions and testers

    2       Who all is involved

    In addition to the Executive team, it is important for the Department Heads to be communicating the Role and Job Specific attributes of CRM.  This communication plan should both demonstrate the intended attributes and solicit feedback and thoughts from the team.  Inclusion is the name of the game here.  If people have a role and influence to the end result than they have started on the path to Buy in!

    3       Volunteers Needed

    The Top Performer - If you can emulate the behavior of you top performers in CRM, it will make the value hard to refute the utility of the system.

    The Resistor – Complainer – This person is key, because often they complain for good reason and if you can remedy those issues through the functions of CRM, it enables you to identify very tangible “wins”.

    The Innovator –Identify an early adopter of technology in your organization. This person can provide vision of new ways “to do it” and this will enable you to shed old business practices that are antiquated and obsolete. This might be your project champion.

    The Customer - If you don’t reach out to your customer base, then why even do the CRM project?  Find out what they think and make sure CRM does it. 

    4       Teaser Demos

    Once the concepts of the CRM deployment begin to take share and the project team has identified critical success factors, it is good to provide some teaser demos.  In marketing terms this is called Nurture or Drip marketing.  It is best to show brief demonstrations of functions that support requirements.  Short videos can be emailed around or shown during group meetings.  This should build and create some anticipation for the deployment - Zoom Meetings -or look into Camtasia

    5       Quiet Selling – Project Team

    The project team also has some responsibility for creating some project buzz.  Ideally they can and should share their excitement in “around the water cooler” conversations.  Like the teaser demos, they should share how the CRM project is going produce a positive outcome for all!

    6       Launch Party

    Have a Launch Party. Celebrate CRM.  Seriously!  The companies that have the most success with CRM are the ones that make it visible, set realistic expectation for use and demonstrate the utility are the ones that win.  So when it’s ready make it known, celebrate, and talk about how CRM is going to eliminate tasks people don’t like.  And set the stage for the training that starts the following week.

    Erik Tavenner

    Sr. Solutions Consultant

  • Hi Jay,

    I second what Erik has included in his response. Those are all great ways to begin setting the stage for what it to come. You can find some great content on us as a company and how other customers are using Sugar on our YouTube page. I've included some links that you might enjoy.

    I'm in the process of putting the finishing touches on some adoption related content that will be posted here in SugarClub very soon. I will reply back here with the link as soon as it is posted. It is a more detailed breakdown of the attached deck, which you may find useful in getting started. 

    How Other's Use Sugar:

    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM

  • Thank you , this is a great outline for a more broad change/communication plan.

  • Thank you , I'll take a look at these resources.

  • , to add to the resources and information from Erik and Jana, there are a few other posts here in Club about Adoption, including:

    I hope these help too!

    Alex Nassi
    SugarCRM | Sr. Community Manager

  • Thank you Alex. I'll keep all of these in mind as we move forward. Right now I'm focused on our very first step, announcing to our sales organization that we've selected SugarCRM.  I was hoping someone might have created a change management toolkit with best practice examples of some of the items called out above (e.g., CEO announcement, teaser demos, project updates, etc). I'll be creating that as I go and happy to share with those that follow.

  • Hi Jay,

    Good luck with the launch. The other answers already contain many good tips. I would like to add briefly that the most important thing from my experience is that management conveys that it is not about control and monitoring, but about supporting users in their daily activities and that users realize "What's in it for me". Uses cases and their implementation are key. We put a lot of emphasis on that and still do.

    Best regards,
    Steffen Scheid

  • Dear Jay
    Good luck with the Sugar launch.
    This article collected some practical recommendations on how to get user adoption.

    Best regards,
    Mykola Bulava
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    more convenient and efficient

  • Glad to help - here's a Video Version of this Write up

    Erik Tavenner

    Sr. Solutions Consultant