How Qlik and Business Intelligence leverage the potential of SugarCRM

Data is a valuable resource for all companies, but they still need to manage and exploit it. Today, many companies still struggle to fully take advantage of it for various reasons. Many don’t take the time to exploit the data at their disposal because they don’t know how to do it or how to benefit from it. This is also about implementing a new tool within your organization, which requires an increased need for adaptation and availability for an efficient handling and daily use. Most teams are not willing to do it. Yet, business intelligence is a real opportunity! With advanced data analysis and data visualization features, the whole business world is changed!

What about you, SugarCRM enthusiasts? Have you ever thought about integrating business intelligence directly into your CRM? If you are considering this option, know that Synolia offers a module that allows you to take advantage of BI directly into your CRM! It integrates the main features of Qlik, the leading BI solution on the market, into SugarCRM. Maybe you even already are equipped with Qlik. In that case, DataViz for Sugar is made for you!

All of your teams save precious time just by integrating BI directly into your CRM. They no longer have to switch between their CRM and BI solutions each time they need it: no more endless interfaces switches several times a day! You employees benefit from the advantages of each within a single tool. This represents a huge improvement in their daily organization which ultimately increases their productivity. You no longer have to put in an effort to fully benefit from your data, and have much more time on your hands to analyze and exploit them.

Since the executives have more time to process the data, your company’s management can only be improved. It also becomes more structured and optimized thanks to the features offered by Qlik. The various analysis and data visualization features help employees to get organized, to prioritize their tasks and complete them efficiently based on relevant facts and insights. Managers and executives benefit from enriched data and contextualized analysis to better manager their teams and the company’s activity. In this context, the numerous indicators and analysis available represent a huge support to help them progress in their reasoning, structure their thinking and plan for the future.

Qlik within SugarCRM also means enriching your CRM data without any additional integration. All of your data from Qlik can be used directly in your CRM: you can benefit from new sources of data without the extra effort and you don’t need to duplicate them in your CRM as they are directly available to you. The opportunities are endless!

Bringing BI directly into SugarCRM also proves to be a real opportunity to enhance your customer experience. Data is a powerful ally to strengthening your customer knowledge. Thanks to enriched and optimized data from BI, companies can better understand their customers’ needs and be more relevant when addressing them. Thus, they benefit from an extra advantage to refine and adapt their customer experience. They can know whether their strategy is relevant, seize new opportunities and develop their business!

Are you convinced yet? If so, don’t waste any more time and just go for it! With DataViz for Sugar, you will be able to exploit your data to their full potential without having to put in the extra effort.

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