Improvements to how we manage Defects & Enhancement Requests

It's well-known in the software world that customers can expect to run into the occasional system defect.  It’s also not a surprise that customers drive the evolution of software by sharing ways that businesses can enhance their products even more to keep the value going.  

We know that to keep our CRM platform delivering on our commitment to make the hard things easier, we have a responsibility to listen to our customers – the people that are using our products the most. 

So, when our customers take time out of the day to share their wish-list items or problems they may have encountered, we take that feedback seriously. In fact, we have a formal workflow process for managing feedback we receive. 

Even with this formalized process, we’ve heard from some customers that they don’t fully appreciate how we manage product-related input.   

And that’s when we realized: we weren’t providing full transparency in how we route and manage input. 

By not providing transparency, we have left some customers to feel as though we lack interest in solving some product defects or enhancement ideas + requests.    

Our goal is to share with our customers what we plan to address, what we likely won’t be addressing, and what we can potentially address at a later release cycle.  

Over the coming months, our teams are grouping together to turn this goal into a reality, in a way that scales for all of our customers’ feedback.  

Of course, in the meantime, you can continue to share product-related input by contacting our Support Team so we can be sure it's tracked and reviewed. 

Thank you to all of our loyal customers – including our partners/resellers - who have talked through this with us or shared their input in our regular feedback surveys. 

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