Tips to Create a Strong Customer Breakthrough Award Nomination

Do you want to nominate yourself for a Customer Breakthrough Award but aren't sure how to create a nomination that will get you the recognition your company deserves? We got you.

  • There are 10 categories, which one are you choosing? To start, it's important to take a deep dive into the customer award categories to find where your company can shine.

  • Everyone loves a good story and telling one increases your chances of being selected. Make a strong case by developing a clear and captivating story. Paint a picture by telling us the company's landscape before adapting SugarCRM. Share the details of the challenges you faced, choosing a solution, the joy of using a platform that helps support your initiatives and goals, and the business achievement that's come with it.

  • Add in measurable business impacts to support your story. We love some measurable KPIs that clearly demonstrate a return on investment with Sugar. It's worth pulling the reports, we promise!

We get it. Sometimes, it's hard to tell a story while you're still writing the novel. If you don't feel confident, work with your Sugar advocate or partner to develop your nomination!

Don't wait too long. Submissions are only open until October 5! We're looking forward to seeing your submissions!


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