The Scoop Q4 2023: Personalized Customer Experiences

Since our last Scoop update, we’ve been preparing exciting changes and additions to the Sugar platform. We’re excited to show you what’s in store in our Q4 2023 Market, Sell, and Serve release.

Smarter Forms and Preference Management in Sugar Market

With the Q4 2023 release, we’re providing our Market customers’ audiences with smarter forms that ask relevant questions and increase the likeliness of someone filling out a form while capturing more relevant data. Now, customers can specify which fields appear on a Market form based on previous responses from the same form. Market customers can also tweak the options on a given field based on responses from the same form submission.

We’re also revisiting how we manage email preferences in Market and making it more straightforward for customers to build and maintain their email subscription preference forms and pages. In the Q4 2023 release, we’re retiring the global Unsubscribe page from Market and allowing customers to leverage preference lists directly within the Form Builder. We’re also enabling customers to do more with their preference page, including custom branding, and allowing them to opt their contacts back in by sending a confirmation message to that user.

Look at the video below and see how these improvements work in Market.

Boost Your Team’s Productivity in Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve

With the Q4 2023 release, we’re providing Sell and Serve users with more ways to simplify their work in Sugar.

First, we’re making major improvements to the Timeline dashlet in the Q4 2023 release. If you haven’t heard of Timeline, this dashlet offers a consolidated view of all the key interactions and activities associated with a particular record, allowing sales and service reps to have a full view of the customer or prospect’s activities. With the Q4 release, ustomers will be able to customize which related modules they want to display within the chronological Timeline dashlet (including custom modules), and the dashlet will pull in more activities than ever before. Additionally, the Timeline dashlet now includes a Search function to reduce the time it takes to find a particular interaction.

Prior to the Q4 2023 release, Sugar’s Cloud Drive dashlet supported individual cloud service accounts from Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Now, customers can access their SharePoint files directly within Sugar as well. Corporate permission structures are respected.

We’re also improving our DocuSign capabilities in Q4 2023: Sugar customers can now use DocuSign templates within Sugar documents, saving the time and effort of creating a new template each time. This new functionality is available via the Send with template button in the DocuSign dashlet, or the Send to DocuSign with template in the Documents subpanel.

Other updates include: adding drag-and-drop functionality to the file creation and update process, updates to large chart sustainability and ease of use improvements to our guided selling (Sugar Automate) capability.

Watch the video below to see these enhancements in action, and more!

Closing Thoughts

The Q4 release brings several significant improvements across the Sugar platform, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to try them out. Make sure to review the Q4 2023 page in Release Central for more details about this update!