Introducing Sugar Serve

Sugar Serve, SugarCRM's new customer service automation offering, puts everything agents need to work a support case right at their fingertips, in an integrated and optimized console experience. Sugar Serve is designed to streamline case management and issue resolution by focusing on making customer support professionals more effective every time they interact with a customer.

Sugar Serve, available in SugarCloud, seamlessly integrates with your existing Sugar Sell or Sugar Enterprise implementation, allowing your business to better optimize the customer lifecycle end-to-end, thus increasing customer satisfaction, retention, and recurring revenue, while lowering overall IT costs.

Key features of Sugar Serve

The centerpiece of the new Serve product is a newly designed and re-imagined Service Console; our fresh take on our case management user interface and productivity tools; SugarBPM-powered SLA management, routing and escalations out of the box; and many new reports, dashboards, and data visualizations for both customer support agents and their managers. 

Service Console

  • Serve offers a new user paradigm for case handling. Using our unique Sugar dashlet framework, support users can easily and effectively access all the information they need on a single screen, reducing clicks for the service agent, and providing a 360 degree view of the situation.
  • Data points such as the next best action based on SLA, account and contact information, account activity history, and case details are made available to the agent with no searching or navigation required.
  • In addition, agents can collaborate internally with other team members and view the entire interaction history with the customer. 

SLA Management

  • The new Business Centers feature accommodates management of one or multiple support centers across the globe, allowing complex SLAs, multi-region business centers, business hours, and accounting for breaks in business continuity, such as weekends and holidays. These allow for effective calculation of SLA countdowns and can power other time-based alerts in a sophisticated, yet easily managed, manner.

SugarBPM Automation

  • Leverage out-of-the-box SugarBPM templates to get users up and running with intelligent case routing instantly.
  • Some automation possibilities include: case escalations; exceptions; routing, reassigning, and escalating cases; calculating follow-up dates; and sending notifications.

Reports and Dashboards

  • Serve includes more than 60 pre-packaged reports, useful data visualizations, and agent and manager-level dashboards to provide deeper insights into the metrics that matter and help users get up and running quickly.


  • These great new features are complemented by the self-service capabilities in Serve, including Sugar's highly intuitive Knowledge Base and Self-service portal, empowering customers to resolve issues and find answers to questions.

  • Sugar’s Group Email capabilities allow your support team to provide a unified face to the customer on every interaction. 

Serve integrates with Sugar Sell as well as the cloud version of Sugar Enterprise. Serve does not integrate with on-premise versions of Sugar Enterprise nor does it integrate with Sugar Professional (SugarCloud or on-premise). Customers of these products can purchase Serve, but the products will not interoperate or share data. It is recommended that customer migrate to Sell if integration with Serve is required.

More Excitement to Come

This is just the debut of a lot of great features and functionality that will be released in Sugar Serve. 2019 has been a busy year for us in the product group here at Sugar as we add Serve and continue rapid innovation across our core products, as well as SugarBPM, Hint, and our new Sugar Market offering. We're very excited to share what else we have in store.

Contact your Sugar Partner or Account Representative for a free trial of Serve today.