Organization in Sugar Market for Campaigns and Landing Pages

Staying organized helps us all be more efficient. When using Sugar Market, one tip that we have found that helps customers stay organized is to establish nomenclature and utilize folders to stay organized. 

A few examples of this are:


  • Create folders for Product Updates, Promotional Campaigns, Transactional Emails, Newsletters. 
  • Then, establish nomenclature for "Quarter/Fiscal Year | Audience | Region or Location | Campaign Name | Send Date"
    • i.e. Q221 | Customers | APAC | Monthly Newsletter | June 30

Landing Pages/Forms

  • Create folders for Templates, Archive, Product Pages, Webinar Pages, etc.
  • As landing pages become outdated, you can add them to the archive folder to remove them from your view and ensure everything is in its rightful place


If you have found any similar ways to organize in Sugar Market, please create a discussion in Sugar Market and share your experience with your peers!

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