Benefits of adding alt-text to images

Adding alt-text behind images on an email campaign or landing page provides a variety of benefits for you and your audience.  Alt-text (alternative text) is used within an HTML code to describe the appearance and function of an image.  This text will be displayed in an email or on a landing page in place of an image if an image file cannot be loaded.

The benefits include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Provides a principle of web accessibility
    1. Visually impaired members of your audience using screen readers will be reading an alt attribute to better understand an on-page image
  2. Alt text provides image context to search engine crawlers, helping them to index an image properly
    1. This will contribute to more success in SEO
  3. Improve email delivery success by reaching the recipient inbox, and avoiding the spam filter
    1. Provides backup text for context about what your image is
    2. If your recipient's inbox blocks images by default for security reasons, they’ll see your alt text in place of your image

 Some helpful tips for adding alt-text:

  • Describe the image as specifically as possible
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Use target keywords on landing pages


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