case_number (Case module) field is not working on Process Email Template

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I'm facing a strange issue. The field case_number is not processed in my email template when I'm sending a notification through a workflow. Customer is complaining about this issue but the version of Sugar hasn't changed since June 2018 (still in Sugar ENT, migration to V10 will begin in the next few days).

Is it a known issue, did you ever faced this problem ?

Could it be linked to this problem :

My workflows are triggering on new records only ... like in the bug :/

Any clue to fix that ?

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  • I havnt had to deal with this in years but here is how I remember this issue

    The problem is that the case number is not set until the record is added to the database.  The database itself sets the case number as an auto-increment. 

    So when the new record gets sent to your workflow the case number has not been set yet.

    The "fix" for this is to use a time based workflow because a minute later the case_number will be set.