Workaround for Sugar Bug 83476(83301) Help Text / Tooltips are stuck (persist) on page

A bug is logged with sugar that tooltip gets stuck on page when you hover on an element on partially loaded page and navigates to other page.

I am looking for the workaround for this issue until its fix gets released for on-premise sugar that is expected to be in sugar 11.

Cause: Its most probably be due to element gets removed from dom but not hovered out.

Does anyone have suggestions for temporary fix for this issue.

I have one suggestion, to remove all tooltips from current page on url change of app by $('.tooltip').tooltip('hide');

I am using sugar ent 10.1.0.

Open for other suggestions.


  • I received a hotfix for bug # 83301 earlier this week from Sugar Support for the 10.0.2 release. 10.1.0 is a cloud-only release, so if you are running that on-premise, I doubt they will provide a hotfix. If that was a typo and you are running 10.0.1, then I recommend filing a support case to see if they can provide a hotfix. I also recommend upgrading to 10.0.2 since that contains patches for known security vulnerabilities Slight smile

  • Hi Chris 
    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes its 10.0.1 on-premise instance.

    Can you please share hotfix package at, that may give the idea how it got fixed.  


  • HI ,

    The best method to receive a fix for your specific version and edition of Sugar is to raise a support case with them. If you are a 3rd party developer and do not have direct access to Sugar Support, then I recommend working with your customer to have them file the support case and request the hotfix.