Create/Update multiple contacts/users via REST API for a meeting

I am trying to add contacts/users to a created meeting as follows

POST call to<record_id>/link/

{ "link_name": "contacts",
  "ids": [{"id": "<id of contact>", "accept_status_meetings": "accepted"}, {"id": "<id of    contact>","accept_status_meetings": "declined"}]

NOTE: In the above example I didn't add users to link with existing meeting. I have no idea how to add both users and contacts with its "accept_status_meetings"

Updated: Only ids of the contacts gets associated to the  particular meeting without meetings status.

Unable to add with multiple 
contacts and users with their accept_status_meetings. Any help is much appreciated! I've spent hours trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance for any insight / direction on how to handle this.

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